Why the perfect loft ladder depends on the setting

Aluminium just the job in Bidford whilst wood is the way in Shipston – why the perfect loft ladder depends on the setting

One of the questions we are most frequently asked by potential customers is which type of ladder we recommend. Our answer is always the same – it depends on the setting. The type of ladder that will work best is dictated by your budget, the space available and your personal preference. Here we look at two loft ladder installations in Warwickshire, one using a wooden ladder and another with an aluminium ladder – both of which were perfect for their location and the house owners.

Wooden Loft Ladder in Shipston-on-StourWooden Loft Ladder in Shipston-on-Stour

In Shipston-on-Stour, we were asked to fit a ladder in the bungalow of an older couple. As is not uncommon, they had been told that gas engineers could not service their boiler in the loft without the presence of a fixed ladder. The requirements here were for a solid ladder to enable easy and safe access to the boiler for gas engineers and for the couple themselves. Although more expensive than aluminium, wooden ladders can support weight up to 160kg and the team from Stu’s Loft Ladders recommended one for this installation.  The couple also chose a wooden hatch surround. Wooden frames are available in a variety of sizes and so are suitable for customers who wish to have a larger loft opening –perfect for gas engineers carrying awkward tools and equipment. Another benefit of wooden loft ladders is that our team can cut them to the precise length according to the ceiling height, up to 3.2 meters.

Aluminium Loft Ladder in BidfordAluminium Loft Ladder installation in Bidford-on-Avon

In some cases, a heavy duty loft ladder is not always required.  At a recent job in Bidford-on-Avon, the customer preferred a lighter option and chose an aluminium three-section loft ladder for their three bedroom semi-detached.  Aluminium ladders are our most popular option as they come with a ten year guarantee and are light and easy to use.  For this family, wanting to store children’s toys and Christmas decorations, this was the perfect loft ladder option. We were also able to relocate the hatch which was previously in one of the children’s bedrooms – a totally impractical location. We boarded and plastered the original opening and cut a new loft hatch in on the landing – ideal for sneaking Christmas presents up to the loft when the children are asleep!

Every loft ladder installation is different

As well as asking which ladder we recommend, customers often ask for a cost over the phone or via Facebook. We are always happy to give a guide figure, however we prefer to visit, so that we can provide advice based on the customer’s exact requirements. Every installation is different and we can talk through the best option to make loft access safe and hassle-free.

Barford installation proves space needn’t be an issue thanks to a telescopic loft ladder

No space for a loft ladder?

Sometimes we find that customers have long harboured a belief that they do not have space for a fixed ladder to access their loft space.

This was the case at a recent installation in Barford, near Warwick, where we were asked to come up with a solution for easy loft access.

The homeowner of a detached house on the high street had been unable to use his loft due to a combination of a hatch positioned over the stairs and a lack of space in the loft for the traditional type of fixed ladder.

The solution: a telescopic loft ladder

Barford Telescopic Loft Ladder

We recommended a telescopic loft ladder, which once folded only extends by 12 inches into the loft space.

In half a day, we were able to fit the ladder as well as change the orientation of the loft opening, repositioning it over the landing. In this case, the homeowner chose a plastic hatch surround, preferring its neat profile and finish.

“We find impractical loft hatches to be a common problem for house owners, particularly in older properties,” commented Stu Dyson, owner of Stu’s Loft Ladders. “The openings are often in a dangerous location over the stairs. We can advise on the best place to reposition it so that the loft can be accessed safely and easily. With the addition of a telescopic ladder, the customer was delighted with the solution we provided.

“We leave every job finished to a high standard, sealing and repainting around the hatch so that it looks as if it has always been there.”

With a no-obligation visit our team can advise on the best combination of ladder and opening to suit every home.