Do you choose an aluminium or wooden loft ladder for your home in Stratford-upon-Avon?

Potential customers often ask our advice on which loft ladder to choose and we are always happy to discuss the options. But the perfect choice depends on budget and purpose.

We fit three types of tried and tested, fixed loft ladders for our customers in Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding area.

Aluminium is the most popular option and we fit dozens of them each year. They are the most cost-effective ladder we fit, but they are also the most popular because they offer a combination of strength and stability with the lightness of aluminium, making them easy to pull into place and stow.

If space is tight, then a telescopic ladder might be the right choice for you. A telescopic loft ladder is perfect if there is no stowage space in the loft or if you have a limited area underneath. Surprisingly sturdy and totally secure once locked into place, we fit these ladders regularly in period properties such as terraces and cottages.

The third loft ladder we offer is in timber. A wooden fixed ladder has wide, sturdy treads and is a good choice if you are carrying heavy items into the loft. Many customers also choose timber for aesthetic reasons, simply preferring the look of timber.

We are always happy to advise on what is the best option for your home and budget. You can email us at or call/text 07712 327 889.

New year, new-look home through loft boarding in the Redditch area

Do you want to transform your home in 2023? Loft boarding is a practical way to make real changes throughout your home without any invasive and expensive structural work.

Our customers are amazed at the difference having proper storage can make. Put simply, by creating storage space, you can go through your home, decluttering and freeing up space to achieve a stream-lined look. This is perfect if you find it difficult to get rid of things or have seasonal items or equipment that you need to store conveniently.

Loft boarding can be done within one day. We are experts at our trade and will leave your home looking the same as it did when we arrived. That means no mess or debris for you to clear and no dust as we take care to ensure your home is protected and then cleaned afterwards.

Compared to other ways of making a difference in your home, loft boarding offers value for money. We can board most loft shapes. The choice is yours – board right up to the eaves for full storage or board a central section to keep costs down. The latter is a very practical solution and one that most customers choose.

Email us to discuss more at or text/call on 07712 327 889.

A busy year boarding lofts and fitting ladders in Warwickshire and Worcestershire

As 2022 draws to a close and we finally finish for the Christmas break, we have time to reflect on what has been a busy year, boarding lofts and fitting ladders.

This year, we have worked across Worcestershire and Warwickshire, from Leamington Spa to Droitwich. As life went back to normal and prime ministers changed, we continued providing the same reliable service and focusing on making our customers happy. Thankfully we have remained busy, thanks to word-of-mouth.

With household budgets squeezed, our aluminium ladder continued to be our most popular fixed ladder. Combining strength and ease of use, this is our most cost-effective option and we fitted dozens of these loft ladders in homes from Warwick to Redditch.

We were also very busy boarding lofts – transforming unusable spaces into practical storage areas. The homeowners, whether in period properties or new-builds, were delighted with being able to use their lofts thanks to our boarding services.

Here’s to 2023. Wishing all our customers and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.