Looking for a cost-effective option for a loft ladder and boarding in Worcester?

Let’s face it, at this time of year there are plenty of demands on our money. In fact, many of our customers want a loft ladder and boarding to prepare their homes for Christmas, but are on a tight budget.

We are always happy to advise on how to help cut the cost of loft boarding and fitting a fixed ladder without compromising on quality.

Aluminium ladders offer the best value. What’s more, they are strong whilst being lightweight, so they are easy to unfold and put away. We use a trusted trade supplier, so whilst this option is cost-effective, we can also testify to its quality. In fact, aluminium is the most popular ladder choice – we must have fitted hundreds over the years, all for extremely satisfied customers.

A further consideration is what area of the loft do you need boarded. Many customers like to board right up to the eaves and for us to fit the loft boarding around any supports. However, it is equally popular to simply board a central section. This can provide more than ample storage space, as well as room to move around to access boxes and other items.

So if you would like to create extra storage in your home, whilst keeping the costs down, make it simple with an aluminium ladder and boarding of a central section.

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Still time to board your loft before Christmas in Stratford-upon-Avon and Alcester

If the thought of putting the Halloween decorations away seems scary because it involves a trip up to an unboarded loft, then think about getting the professionals in.

With November about to start, there are eight weeks left to go until the big day. Although of course 2020 was an exception, we are usually busy in the run-up to Christmas as customers want to organise their space before guests arrive. This year, after last year’s restrictions, we expect to be busier than ever.

A stable loft floor means safe and easy storage

A boarded loft means no more wobbling around between joists as you try to retrieve boxes of decorations. With a stable base you can store and access items without taking your life in your hands.

Add in a fixed ladder and going up to the loft is a breeze. There is a ladder to suit your space and budget: we offer timber, folding aluminium ladders and telescopic ladders where space is tight.

Booking loft boarding jobs now for November and December

We are booking in jobs now for November and December, so contact us to arrange a no-obligation quote or take a look at our Facebook page to see photos of recent jobs and customer reviews.

What is the best loft ladder and boarding option for Warwickshire and Worcestershire homeowners?

When quoting for work, we are often asked what is the gold standard option for loft ladders and loft boarding.  It is a hard question to answer because the best option can depend on the configurations of your home, however budget and space allowing, we can make recommendations.

Timber loft ladders provide safety and elegance

Space permitting, timber loft ladders are generally seen as the luxury option. We install three-section timber ladders, which are stored inside the trap door, so no loft floor space is wasted. We only source ladders through our same, trusted, trade supplier and stick to the models we know are tried and tested and will provide customers with years of reliable use. With a sturdy tread and integrated handrail, our timber loft ladders offer stability in use and are suitable for customers who use their loft frequently. They are also designed to take heavier loads than some of the other ladders that we offer, so if that is a consideration then definitely think about installing a timber ladder.

Loft boarding up to the eaves boosts storage

When it comes to boarding, we only use one type of quality board that increases the U-value of your home by adding to the insulation in your loft. Whilst boarding just a central section of the loft suits those on a budget, if you are able to board right up to the eaves, you will obviously increase your storage potential. We can cut the boards around any loft trusses so that the finish is neat and runs to the edge of your loft. 

Truss shelving in the loft increases storage potential

Bespoke extras also add to your storage possibilities. Truss shelving is a popular add-on for the customers we visit across Warwickshire and Worcestershire. These shelves sit on the V of the roof trusses and provide a handy area for storage, leaving the central floor area clear. By placing boxes at the side on truss shelving, the central section of your loft is kept free for you to move around and to give you space when accessing your belongings. We can also build additional bespoke storage shelving to accommodate whatever items you need to store, be it suitcases or sports equipment.

No obligation consultation to find out what’s right for you

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What do we advise homeowners in Stratford-upon-Avon against storing in their loft?

We are big fans of loft storage. Every week we help homeowners in Warwickshire and Worcestershire to claim back space by boarding their lofts. Our customers generally have plans for what they want to store, but one of the questions they sometimes ask us is, are there any items that I shouldn’t keep in my loft?

Lofts are subject to huge variations of temperature. Ever had to go up to the loft in a heatwave? If you have, then you’ll know that it gets rather hot up there. For that reason, if you have a precious collection of vinyl, it might be better off somewhere else. 

The same extreme of temperature applies during a cold snap – the loft gets pretty chilly. This variation of temperatures means that items made of wood, such as furniture, may warp or joints split. So, if you have any precious wooden items, think about keeping them elsewhere. When it comes to musical instruments, we would not recommend storing them in a loft space for this reason.

What can I store in a boarded loft?

There are plenty of items that you can store in a loft if you think about how you do it and provide protection.

The loft is home to insects like moths and silverfish, so that some items are best stored in plastic containers with lids. Tempting as it is to just sling into a bin liner any clothes you don’t wear or you are saving to hand down when a younger child grows, you may find that they are unwearable after a while. This problem is easily solved by vacuum packing which protects them from moths and mildew.  

Books should be kept in plastic boxes with lids so that silverfish do not get to the pages. Likewise for photographs in order to protect their finish and preserve the precious memories they show.

If you want to go one step further, you can ask your contractor to line the loft with a membrane that will prevent dust and grit falling on to your stored items.

There are many items that you can store in your loft and our customers do just that. With a little care, you can free up your living space and store belongings out of sight, confident that they will remain in good condition.

We board lofts in Stratford-upon-Avon and most of Warwickshire and Worcestershire

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Loft boarding rises in popularity in Worcestershire and Warwickshire

We’ve been in the loft improvement business for more than a decade and, whilst we have always remained busy, we have seen the various aspects of our work rise and fall in popularity over that time. One general trend stands out and that is the increase in demand for loft boarding.

Up to a few years ago 75% of our work involved fitting fixed loft ladders and installing new hatches. Boarding loft spaces made up the other 25%. Throughout 2020 and 2021, our work has changed to consist of 50% boarding and 50% loft ladders.

Loft boarding creates a feeling of space

Talking with our customers reveals the reasons for the demand for loft boarding. Number one is the fact that we have all been spending so much more time at home during Covid 19. This increased time in the home has led customers to reassess the space they have and created a desire to free their living spaces of items that could be stowed in the loft out of sight. It is not just that customers have been working from home or were home-schooling children. As well as carving out specific areas for a home office or to exercise in, customers just simply wanted to create a feeling of space. 

Whereas before customers would fit a ladder and think about boarding the loft space themselves or getting us back at a later date to do it, loft boarding has become a priority.

“Customers are saying to us that what is the point of fitting a fixed ladder if they still have to be careful not to go through the floor when they are up in the loft,” explains Stuart Dyson, owner of Stu’s Loft Ladders. “Without boarding, it is almost impossible to effectively use the space in your loft.”

Take a look at our boarding page for more information or our Facebook page for examples of recent work and customer reviews.

Want to store away your summer items? Why autumn is a busy time for loft boarding in Warwickshire

Dare we say it…there is an autumn chill in the air! Whilst we want to hang on to every last day of summer, the new season is approaching and, for most of us, so is a return to work and routine. If you have been enjoying summer past-times, such as camping or summer sports, now might be the time to pack away equipment ready for next year.  Or you might be swapping your summer wardrobe for your winter one. For these reasons this is a busy time of year for Stu’s Loft Ladders as people decide to have their loft boarded as a way of storing seasonal items.

Loft Boarding Installation
Even just boarding the centre section of a loft creates functional storage space

As September arrives, these are some of the seasonal items most commonly stored in a boarded loft:

  • Camping – great fun and an affordable means of gaining a much-needed change of scenery. However, camping comes with a lot of equipment. Not just the tent itself, but beds, cooking equipment, chairs and all the paraphernalia of an outdoor stay. If you don’t want to jam up your shed or garage, then the loft is the ideal space for storage. If gaining access is awkward, we can even enlarge the loft opening so that getting bulky items up there is a breeze. 
  • Summer clothes – as the nights draw in you may be reaching for your winter woollies and finding it tricky to see what clothes you have in an overstuffed wardrobe. By taking out your summer clothes and vacuum-packing them, they will be free from dust and moths, ready for the warmer weather in 2022. They can then sit happily in the loft out of the way until you need them again. The same goes for summer footwear which, can go into clear boxes with lids.
  • Summer sports – if you have a hobby that you enjoy in the warmer months with equipment that you won’t need until spring, making the most of your loft means keeping other areas in your home clear. Whether it’s cricket bats, paddles, wetsuits or body boards, having loft storage sorted frees up space in the rest of your home.

So, at the start of the new season, give us a call on 07712 327889 for a no-obligation quote for loft boarding, fixed loft ladders or a new hatch. See more about our services here.

Thinking of fitting solar panels with a battery in Warwickshire and Worcestershire? Why you’ll need loft boarding and good loft access

Having solar PV panels fitted used to be a rarity, but these days it is a common step for people wanting to bring down their energy bills and take a positive step in tackling climate change. Increasing numbers of households are pairing a solar PV system with battery storage so that they can harness green energy during the day and power their homes in the evening.

If you are planning to house the system’s inverter or battery in your loft, it is essential that you ensure safe and easy loft access. A job this week by our team in Bidford-On-Avon, Warwickshire, illustrated this perfectly.

Loft boarding for Solar PV battery in Bidford-On-Avon

The customer was having solar PV panels installed on the roof of his 3-bedroom semi-detached property. With a plan to store excess energy via a battery in the loft, he needed to ensure a safe and stable walkway for taking meter readings and servicing the system. He booked Stu’s Loft Ladders to board the loft, ahead of installation to ensure that the job could be carried out safely. 

Before we boarded the loft

Creating a larger loft opening

As a further requirement, we were asked to move the existing loft hatch, which was too small to accommodate the battery. We boarded and plastered up the existing hatch and created a new, larger loft opening in one of the bedrooms.

Strengthening the loft structure

Concerned about the weight of the battery, the customer also requested that we increase the load bearing capacity in the loft, which we did by adding timbers to strengthen the structure. 

“If you are thinking about solar PV systems, then you will need to ensure good loft access, with a stable walkway and a fixed ladder,” explains Stuart Dyson of Stu’s Loft Ladders. “It is not a large cost compared to the system itself, but one that people need to factor in when thinking about the total project cost. You may also need to look at enlarging the loft opening itself.”

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Can you board the loft of an older or period property? A popular question in Warwickshire and Worcestershire!

New build to Victorian or even older, we have boarded properties from all these ages of construction. In fact, the oldest loft we have boarded was in a 300-year-old cottage for a customer who was delighted with the space we created for her.

Loft boarding must accommodate the quirks of an older property

Boarding an older property is not without its challenges. The older the property, the bigger the challenges, but they can all be overcome.

Visit a modern housing development and you will see rows of houses built to repeated designs. Older properties come in all shapes and sizes, with extensions and add-ons over the decades or centuries that have changed the shape of the roof space. Joists may be in awkward spaces and often there are water tanks, old pipes and other obstacles to work around. In these cases, boarding may take longer than usual as each board must be cut to accommodate the quirks and angles of the building.

Raised loft boarding can protect timbers and allow for increased insulation

Whilst owners of new-build properties are very cautious about any boarding method that might invalidate their NHBC warranty, owners of period properties should also think about protecting roof timbers. Condensation may be an issue, and we might suggest raising the level of the boarding to protect the timbers or allow for additional insulation. Insulation is important as older buildings may not be as heat efficient and existing insulation may not meet current regulations. When quoting, we would look at the head room in the loft. If this were an issue, and we needed to raise the boarding, we might advise sticking to boarding a central section.

Fitting a new loft hatch can radically improve heat retention

In an older property, the loft opening might not be in the right position, possibly under the shallowest part of the roof line.  We can move the loft opening entirely or change its orientation. In addition, fitting a new loft hatch can radically reduce draughts and improve heat retention on the floor below.

This is where you will get the benefit of employing a professional loft improvement company. We have been boarding lofts and fitting loft ladders for more than a decade in Warwickshire and Worcestershire, and in that time have boarded thousands of older and period properties. We are always happy to talk through the installation when quoting. Contact us now or visit our Facebook page to see photos of our recent work.

Loft Boarding Installation

5 reasons homeowners in Stratford-upon-Avon and Alcester should board their loft

We are rather biased, but we think that everyone who can, should board their loft. So here are the five reasons why you should get on with this home improvement job.

  1. Space – this is the big one. We all want more space in our homes. More than ever, our homes are multitasking spaces, where we balance home working or study with family, hobbies, home exercise and pets. And that’s without all the stuff we accumulate! With the cost of homes per square metre rising quickly, you could add 50% more space to your home through loft boarding if you already live in a double-storey building. 
  2. Proper Storage – we all have items that we need, or want to hang on to, but don’t want to look at every day. Not just the Christmas tree decorations, but sports equipment for a hobby we don’t have time for at the moment, or sentimental boxes of photos. Unless you are Marie Kondo, then the chances are that you have items you don’t want to let go of. Putting them in the loft means that you can keep your living areas clutter free.
From this…
To this!
  1.  Safety – believe it or not, every week we see people who have already been storing items in their loft without boarding. That means they have been wobbling about up there, running the risk of coming through the ceiling. It does happen and not just in sit-coms! If you are already storing items without boarding, then do the sensible thing and get it boarded.
  2. Organisation – Creating a dedicated storage space means an opportunity to get organised. We are talking about clear stacking boxes with lids and labels that will mean no more rooting around for that travel plug, airbed pump or whatever item is needed in a hurry, but could be in any of tens of places!
  3. Time – the other precious commodity in our lives! Stu’s Loft Ladders has the tools, supply contacts and, most importantly, the expertise to board your loft in half a day in most instances. If you are thinking that you will get around to DIY loft improvements, save yourself the time and hassle by calling in the professionals. It is not only a question of time, when you factor in the cost of materials and hiring or purchasing the right tools, then professional loft boarding becomes cost-effective too. 

Stu’s Loft Ladders works in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, Alcester, Redditch, Studley and most of Warwickshire and Worcestershire. We are always happy to provide a quote for your loft boarding job with no-obligation. You can see examples of our recent work on our Facebook page

Three Steps to (Storage) Heaven for homeowners in Warwickshire and Worcestershire

We like to keep things simple! When it comes to how to improve your loft, there are three main things to consider:

  1. Boarding
    This is the game changer! No more wasted space and no trying to precariously balance things, or worse yourself, on joists. With boarding costing around £35 per square metre, it is good value for money in relation to the space you will gain. If you are thinking about boarding the loft yourself, read our blog post first to check that you have the necessary skills and tools for the job. We get it done in less than a day and clear away all leftover materials and any mess. 
  2. Fixed Loft Ladder
    Make using the loft safe and make it easy. A fixed ladder means that going up to the loft is a breeze. If you already have a fixed loft ladder, but it is a bit heavy and clunky, why not change it for a modern, light version. Life is too short to dread going up to the loft!
  3. Loft Opening
    Is the hatch in the wrong place, like a bedroom or over the stairs? If it is in the right place, but awkward to get to and use, we can enlarge the opening or change the orientation to be more convenient. Changing the loft opening so that it is not over stairs is a job that we do quite often. We can fit a new hatch and surround and leave the ceiling looking as if the new hatch was always there!

There you have it – three steps to maximising your loft space. Contact us now to arrange a no obligation quote, or take a look at our services page for more information.