If you dread getting the suitcases from the loft, talk to us about bespoke shelving for Warwickshire customers

Getting ready for a holiday should be exciting, but going up to the loft to look for suitcases can be a real drag, particularly if they are buried under other random items. It is easy to hastily shove belongings in the loft, after all out of sight is out of mind, but a little thought can make retrieving them, when we want them in a hurry, far easier.

Bespoke shelving to fit suitcases and more

As part of a loft boarding or loft ladder installation, we can build made-to-measure timber shelving to your requirements. Shelving to accommodate suitcases is a popular option, as is shelving to fit camping and sports equipment.

The Stu’s Loft Ladder team includes an experienced carpenter, so that we produce a high-quality finish on shelving that meets your requirements.

We are always happy to talk through the options as part of a no-obligation quote. Contact us to find out more at stuart@stusloftladders.co.uk