Would you trust a trader to board your loft who wasn’t recommended in the Stratford-upon Avon area?

Choosing a trader to work in your home is a big decision. We have all heard stories about people who have been let down by cowboy traders or disappointed by those who have not been as professional on the job as they seemed when quoting for it.

As a small, independent firm, we rely on word of mouth. It’s kept us busy boarding lofts and fitting ladders for over a decade.

We love it when our customers share their good experiences of our service on our Facebook page or on our website. ‘Professional’ is usually the word they use to describe our service and we take a pride in ensuring that we make each job the best it can be.

All our reviews are genuine – we don’t edit them in any way. In lieu of asking a neighbour, it’s the next best thing. In fact, our name often comes up on local forums with our customers recommending us when people enquire about who to trust for loft ladder fitting and loft boarding in Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding area.

So, if you are looking for a reliable local firm, then take a look at the reviews on our website and on our Facebook page. We are also very happy to have a chat about any concerns you may have about either choosing a loft ladder or boarding your loft.

Looking to move your loft hatch in Stratford-upon-Avon? There’s no mess and dust with us

One of the top reasons people often put off having a job done in their homes, even once they have the funds in place, is the worry about any mess and dust it might create.

We like to reassure anyone thinking about moving their loft opening or enlarging the loft hatch, that we take a particular pride in leaving our working area pristine.

Before and after photos from a job where we enlarged the loft opening and fitted a new hatch

What this means, is that we take away any debris and always use dust sheets to protect carpets. When cutting a new loft opening and plastering around the hatch, we make sure that there is no evidence of the work other than the new hatch itself. Take a look at this genuine customer Facebook review from a job last month,

Definitely recommend Stu & team. We had our old loft hatch in the bedroom boarded and painted like it was never there. They then relocated a new large loft hatch in to the hallway with new ladders and boarded the loft. We have plenty of space! Excellent job, reliable and so tidy. If you want a professional service these guys are it. 

This customer loved the fact that we painted the ceiling, so you could not tell where the old loft hatch had been. We’ve even had one customer tell us that her husband did not notice that the loft hatch had been enlarged for a few days because it looked like it had always been that way. This is exactly as it should be – you do not want to make a feature of your loft hatch – you want it to blend into the ceiling. So we won’t take offence if your visitors don’t notice our work!

To find out more contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

5-star Reviews – Why You Can Trust Us For Your Loft Improvement Job Wherever You Live in Warwickshire and Worcestershire

Have you looked at our review page? If you are thinking about having your loft boarded or a loft ladder fitted, then we suggest you do.  We have just had four new reviews posted – all genuine, all from very happy customers. And it means the world to us. Without customer recommendation we wouldn’t have a business. Word of mouth, whether literal or digital, is what keeps us in work – and we are very busy!

Trust, respect and quality in loft improvements

What the reviews mean for customers is a trust – that we will do what we say and that we will treat you and your home with respect. It also is a testament that the quality of our work is what you would expect and by that we mean nothing less than excellent!

So, we are not blowing our own trumpet – we will let our customers do that for us! http://www.stusloftladders.co.uk/Reviews/

Why we depend on customer recommendations for loft boarding and ladders in Worcestershire and Warwickshire

The past year has been tough on small businesses. Although we were allowed to continue working with precautions during the second and third lockdowns, anxieties around Covid-19 have impacted on our work and we are as delighted as everyone to see a return to normality.

We only share genuine recommendations from our loft improvement customers

So more than ever, we are thrilled when customers take the time to share their experiences of booking us to board their lofts and fit their ladders. We, like many independent family-run firms, don’t have a big budget for advertising and rely on word of mouth. Direct recommendation also benefits our customers reassuring them with real-life examples of loft installations. It can be unnerving to entrust work within your home to a firm that you have not used before and, as most people only have their loft boarded or a ladder fitted once, we work with new customers on every job!

So, to every customer who has written a review on this website, our Facebook page or their own social media accounts, we want to extend a massive thank you. Your recommendations have kept us going through this pandemic!

Recent reviews from customers in Warwickshire and Worcestershire

Here are a selection of genuine customer recommendations for loft boarding and fitting loft ladders taken from our Facebook page:

“Brilliant team of lads. Polite, reliable and hard working. Stuart even called to start work earlier than planned. Very professional and would recommend. Thank you Stuart and team for giving us a usable loft and more storage space,” Mr & Mrs Hunt, Stratford upon Avon.

“We had our loft hatch relocated and new ladders. Really lovely guys. On time, neat and tidy, and great job on where the old hatch was. Thank you!” Louise Walker, Redditch.

“What great guys – turned up on time and were friendly but professional and did a cracking job – so pleased with our new loft ladder and installation – I would definitely recommend them and they even cleaned up after themselves – if you need a loft ladder these are the guys to choose!” Heather Porter, Worcestershire.