Customers in Warwickshire maximise loft storage with made-to-measure shelving

Truss shelving – not something you’d think that you’d get excited about! You may be surprised because our customers throughout Warwickshire and Worcestershire do.

Bespoke loft storage solutions

Truss shelving is bespoke shelving that we create to fit on the webbing on the loft trusses. It is an optional extra for customers when we board their lofts and one that is very popular. The shelves create room for boxes in what would be wasted space. This means that the floor space is freed up. It is an important consideration to leave enough floor space otherwise accessing belongings becomes difficult. Often you don’t need to bring down an entre box and its useful to have room to comfortably browse and retrieve a particular item.

Skilled carpenters

We are carpenters by trade and so everything we do is bespoke. We don’t use ready-made kits that are one size fits all because houses don’t come in one size. What we leave customers with is tailored shelving that makes the most of the space they have – we all know how precious storage space is in our homes.

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