Telescopic loft ladders mean easy loft access whatever the space in Warwickshire

There is a loft ladder for nearly every home and a telescopic ladder is perfect if space is tight. The clever telescopic design means that it will fit even where the hatch size is small or where there is minimal space for stowing the ladder in the loft itself.

Some customers have concerns that a telescopic ladder may not be as sturdy as the alternatives. Stu’s Loft Ladders only buys from trusted trade suppliers and our loft ladders are of the highest quality. With an automatic locking system, extra-wide treads and rubber feet, the ladders are safe and easy-to-use. To position the ladder, you simply use the pole provided to open the hatch door and pull on the strap to glide it into place.

Telescopic ladders are often the perfect option for customers in period properties where the angles in the loft do not allow for a folding ladder. In some of the older cottages in Warwickshire and Worcestershire where we work, a telescopic ladder is the only option as there is not sufficient space for a larger loft opening in the chosen location.

The photo below shows a telescopic ladder that we fitted this January for a customer in Welford on Avon, just outside of Stratford in Warwickshire.

The customer includes more photos in their review on our Facebook page.

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Problem Solved With A Telescopic Loft Ladder in Warwickshire

Think you can’t have a loft ladder because there isn’t enough clearance space? Many people believe this to be true or have been told this in the past, but a telescopic ladder could be the solution.

Indeed for many customers who want a fixed loft ladder, telescopic is the only option if the loft hatch emerges under a low angled roof.

Loft ladder for thatched home near Stratford-upon-Avon

This was the case at a thatched property in Broom, Warwickshire, near Stratford-upon-Avon.  The hatch accessed the loft space at a point under the roof where there was not adequate stowage space for an aluminium ladder. Whilst a wooden ladder is also suitable where space is tight, timber ladders require a loft hatch of at least 1m in length. For these homeowners, this was not an option as the hatch was located in the bathroom.

It is not uncommon for hatches to be located in the bathroom or bedroom – in fact we regularly move loft hatches for customers. On this job, the customer preferred to leave where it was and instead opted for a 3ft by 2ft plastic hatch and telescopic ladder.

Using a telescopic ladder couldn’t be easier

A telescopic ladder is not a budget option, costing more than a wooden one, but for many customers who cannot accommodate a 1m hatch, it is the best choice. This does not mean that it is second best – a telescopic ladder is a high-end, quality product and will take as much weight as a wooden version

Using a telescopic ladder couldn’t be easier – you use the fitted nylon strap to pull the ladder down before sliding it into position. It is both lightweight and sturdy once in place.

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