Relocating a loft hatch – a guide for homeowners in Warwickshire and Worcestershire

You don’t have to be stuck with a loft opening if its location doesn’t suit your needs. We routinely move loft hatches for customers as part of larger jobs when we install loft boarding or ladders.

So, what should you consider when relocating a loft hatch?

Avoid being close to stairs by changing the direction of the loft hatch

It sounds obvious, but we’ve seen plenty of older loft openings in dangerous spots over or very near to stairways. It is not just a question of having enough space at the bottom of the ladder – you really don’t want to be too near the stairs when exiting or entering the loft at height. If a landing is the only suitable spot for the loft opening, then there may be a simple solution in changing its orientation or making the hatch longer. This can make a big difference by allowing the ladder to run in another direction or at a different angle. 

Having a loft opening in a bedroom comes down to personal preference. If you have small children, then accessing the loft through their bedroom could be tricky past their bedtime. However, if you have a spare bedroom, and it is roomy enough to allow a loft ladder to come down unhindered by the furniture, then it could be ideal.

Bathrooms – this is not a popular option. Space tends to be at a premium in this room and if you have people in the household who hog the bathroom, waiting to gain access to the loft could be frustrating!

Consider head space when using loft ladders

Of course, you also need to consider the point at which the loft opening allows you to enter the loft space. We don’t recommend placing it too near an outside wall or you risk ascending under the eaves.

If you are unsure of what the options are in your home and how much space you will need to accommodate your choice of ladder, then we are happy to provide a no-obligation quote. Contact us now using our webform or on 07712 327889.

Looking to move your loft hatch in Stratford-upon-Avon? There’s no mess and dust with us

One of the top reasons people often put off having a job done in their homes, even once they have the funds in place, is the worry about any mess and dust it might create.

We like to reassure anyone thinking about moving their loft opening or enlarging the loft hatch, that we take a particular pride in leaving our working area pristine.

Before and after photos from a job where we enlarged the loft opening and fitted a new hatch

What this means, is that we take away any debris and always use dust sheets to protect carpets. When cutting a new loft opening and plastering around the hatch, we make sure that there is no evidence of the work other than the new hatch itself. Take a look at this genuine customer Facebook review from a job last month,

Definitely recommend Stu & team. We had our old loft hatch in the bedroom boarded and painted like it was never there. They then relocated a new large loft hatch in to the hallway with new ladders and boarded the loft. We have plenty of space! Excellent job, reliable and so tidy. If you want a professional service these guys are it. 

This customer loved the fact that we painted the ceiling, so you could not tell where the old loft hatch had been. We’ve even had one customer tell us that her husband did not notice that the loft hatch had been enlarged for a few days because it looked like it had always been that way. This is exactly as it should be – you do not want to make a feature of your loft hatch – you want it to blend into the ceiling. So we won’t take offence if your visitors don’t notice our work!

To find out more contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

When it comes to loft hatches bigger is better in Stratford-upon-Avon and Redditch

Do you struggle to get larger items into your loft? It’s frustrating – all that loft space that you could use to get awkward items out of sight in your home, but the loft opening itself is too small.

Don’t panic – give us a call. Enlarging loft openings and fitting new hatches is our bread and butter!

We can fit a new loft hatch

Some houses were built with a small loft opening and many new builds still are. We can remove the old hatch door and surround, open a larger space and fit a new surround. 

We offer maintenance-free, white plastic as well as timber that you can stain or paint to the colour you want. Depending on the loft ladder you choose, we offer hatch options up to one metre in length.

Larger loft hatch means less hassle

It might be that you don’t need to store larger items, but you find it awkward carrying items of any size up a ladder and into the loft. The larger the opening, the more space you have to manoeuvre – the whole process feels easier and you are less likely to injure yourself.

So take a look at our loft hatches page or give us a call straight away on 07712 327889.

Three Steps to (Storage) Heaven for homeowners in Warwickshire and Worcestershire

We like to keep things simple! When it comes to how to improve your loft, there are three main things to consider:

  1. Boarding
    This is the game changer! No more wasted space and no trying to precariously balance things, or worse yourself, on joists. With boarding costing around £35 per square metre, it is good value for money in relation to the space you will gain. If you are thinking about boarding the loft yourself, read our blog post first to check that you have the necessary skills and tools for the job. We get it done in less than a day and clear away all leftover materials and any mess. 
  2. Fixed Loft Ladder
    Make using the loft safe and make it easy. A fixed ladder means that going up to the loft is a breeze. If you already have a fixed loft ladder, but it is a bit heavy and clunky, why not change it for a modern, light version. Life is too short to dread going up to the loft!
  3. Loft Opening
    Is the hatch in the wrong place, like a bedroom or over the stairs? If it is in the right place, but awkward to get to and use, we can enlarge the opening or change the orientation to be more convenient. Changing the loft opening so that it is not over stairs is a job that we do quite often. We can fit a new hatch and surround and leave the ceiling looking as if the new hatch was always there!

There you have it – three steps to maximising your loft space. Contact us now to arrange a no obligation quote, or take a look at our services page for more information.

Loft improvements in Warwick, Redditch, Bidford and Stratford-upon-Avon – all in a week’s work for Stu’s Loft Ladders!

June is generally a busy month. We are not yet into summer holidays and people are getting on with home improvements before they go away. This year, the effect of coming out of lockdown and people feeling more confident about having work done in their homes, means that our diary is packed. We are certainly not complaining, as we love to be busy! Last week’s loft improvement jobs show a good range of the services we provide.

Boarding in Warwick

First up was a loft boarding job in Warwick, boarding around central roof supports, but leaving the area up to the eaves. We also fitted an aluminium ladder, creating an easy loft access and storage solution. A happy customer and our week was off to a good start!

Partial loft board in Bidford-On-Avon

Next we visited Bidford on Avon for a boarding job. The customer only wanted a partial board, so we created a storage area in the middle section the loft. Another happy customer!

Loft boarding and timber ladder in Stratford-upon-Avon

On to Stratford-upon-Avon. Here we turned wasted space into functional storage with a timber ladder.  Again, the customer wanted boarding to the middle section only, but in this large loft, this still created a large amount of storage potential.

Redditch boarding to middle section of loft

Later in the week we were in Redditch. Again creating a useable storage area with a board to the middle section of a loft. 

Enlarging and moving loft hatches

Our next two jobs were all about loft hatches. In Bidford, we enlarged the loft opening for a client and fitted a new hatch. To finish the week off, we visited another customer to move the loft opening, which had been over the stairs. This is a common location for hatches in older houses and not one that is very safe. We turned the loft around to run the other way on the landing and fitted an aluminium ladder and plastic hatch. 

Get in touch for your loft improvement quote

As you can tell, we specialise in loft improvements and we stay busy through customer recommendations. We are taking bookings now for the rest of June and July. Get in touch if you need some help to unlock the storage potential of your loft! Or still not sure? Check out more pictures of these jobs and others on our Facebook page.

Enlarging the loft opening is no problem in Stratford-upon-Avon and Redditch

It makes sense that the size of your loft opening will dictate the size of the items you can store up there.  What customers don’t always realise, until we enlighten them, is how easy it is to enlarge the loft opening.

New builds may have small hatch as standard

More often than not, modern house builders will install a small loft hatch as standard. In fact, we often enlarge the loft opening for customers in new builds. We can fit a new hatch with insulated surround and door either in maintenance-free plastic or, if you prefer a more traditional look, in timber.

Having a loft opening of 1 metre in length not only changes what you can store, but also how easy it is to carry any items up to the loft. The extra room gives you space to manoeuvre and the confidence that you won’t scrape your knuckles on the sides whilst carrying a heavy box.

Above shows the loft hatch before…
This is the neatly finished job with a larger hatch

We are skilled carpenters and we’ve been fitting loft hatches for more than a decade, so we can ensure that none of your ceiling joists are compromised.  As part of the quote, we will make good the plaster around the new loft hatch and paint around the hatch to ensure that it looks as if it was already there.

Loft hatch in the wrong place?

If the hatch is in the wrong place entirely, we can move it. Check out this review left earlier this month by a happy customer who asked us to move his loft opening.  You’ll notice that he was very pleased on the tidiness of the job!

Hatching loft improvement plans in the West Midlands

Loft hatches – you might not spend much time thinking about yours, but if it is in the wrong place, then it could be preventing you from accessing the storage potential in your loft.

Moving the loft hatch

We regularly move loft openings for customers to more convenient locations. In older houses loft hatches are often in bedrooms – problematic if it means shifting heavy furniture out of the way in order to gain access. It is also not very handy to have a loft hatch in a child’s bedroom – with a small child evening trips up to the loft are out of the question and with a teenager you will have to negotiate a path through their floordrobe.

Change the direction of your loft opening

Most loft hatches are on the landing. However, if your loft hatch is too near the stairs, it could be unsafe for you to access it and you could think about making a change. That doesn’t have to be a complete move, it could mean simply changing the orientation. People imagine that this will be a messy job, but we live up to our promise to leave your home as neat and tidy as we found it.

Energy efficient loft hatch

If you live in a period property, an ill-fitting loft hatch could be a cause of heat loss in your home. An insulated, tight fitting loft hatch could help you to save energy. You can choose from timber or U-PVC, the latter in a white finish suiting most paint schemes.

Loft hatches – bigger could be better

The other option that you might consider is enlarging the loft opening. It’s obvious – the size of the loft opening dictates what you are able to store. Too small and negotiating larger boxes into the loft will be tricky. Enlarging the loft hatch is one of the most common add-on jobs that we do when fitting a loft ladder. This is particularly the case in new-build properties, which have smaller loft hatches fitted as standard. Again, we leave your ceiling looking as it did before, plastering and painting around the new loft hatch so that it looks as if it was always that way.

No obligation quote

Call us now to get a quote on 07712 327889.

Fixed loft ladders and boarding help home-owners put safety first in the Midlands

This week we were messaged on our Facebook page by a homeowner in the Midlands whose husband had put his foot through the ceiling of their bedroom whilst trying to retrieve boxes from the loft. Whilst the image of a boot coming through the ceiling calls to mind a scene from a classic British sit-com, it does raise a serious question – how safe is your loft?

Making loft access safe in the Midlands

Loft boarding

Ok, so we know that there are more exciting things to spend your hard-earned cash on than loft boarding, but if you are balancing in your loft space between joists, then you really need to think about it. You will reap the reward for years to come and avoid the nightmare scenario like our Facebook friend of having to repair a hole in your ceiling. Or worse, a trip to A & E. Loft boarding can be completed in less than a day and will even add to the insulation in your property, so it is a win-win situation.

Install a fixed ladder

Without a doubt, the single most important thing you can do to improve safety when accessing your loft is to install a fixed ladder. We are often surprised at how risk-averse adults will blithely climb a precarious step ladder carrying heavy boxes. Not to mention having to heave themselves up to the loft from the platform of a ladder that stops short of the ceiling.  A fixed ladder means just that – it will not move from under you. Add to that a hand-rail and your ascent to the loft is not only much easier, but far safer. Some of our customers have thought for years about getting a fixed ladder before age catches up with them and they decide that they just can’t take the risk of using a step ladder any more. Stu’s Loft Ladders can even build a handrail around the opening in the loft if you want to increase safety when coming down the ladder too.

Reposition the hatch

Housebuilders often position loft hatches on the landing so as to avoid bedrooms with heavy furniture. This can mean that the hatch is a bit too near the stairs for comfort. We can move the loft hatch – either partially so that we change its orientation, or close it up and relocate to a safer and more convenient location. If you are using a step ladder to access your loft hatch near the stairs, then you really should call us in to talk about making the whole process safer.

In summary, if you feel that accessing your loft is not safe then it probably isn’t and you should talk to the experts. Contact us now to find out more.

Looking for loft improvements in the Midlands – why choose a specialist loft company?

We specialise in improving lofts and loft access. It’s what we do, day in day out and it’s been that way for more than 10 years.

You can’t beat experience

All our experience means that very little throws us on a job because we’ve seen in all. Loft access in an awkward place? No problem, we can change the orientation of the opening or even move it altogether. Roof is low where the loft ladder comes up – again we can easily solve this with the right ladder which will not require much stowage space.

We can easily enlarge the loft opening to make it a more practical size, as above, or even move it altogether

Not all quotes are equal

We pride ourselves on offering value for money. We work quickly and efficiently because we know our trade inside out, which means that our prices are competitive. As always, be aware of quotes that seem too good to be true. Some firms will quote low to get the work. Check what exactly is included in the quote. The price you get should be the most you will pay on the day without any hidden extras. You should also find out what kind of ladder you are getting.

There can be a huge difference in loft ladders in terms of their specification and what weight they can bear. We only source top quality ladders from a specialist trade supplier that we have been using for a decade. Our happy customers are testament to the reliability of the products.

We only fit the best quality ladders whether aluminium or timber such as this one

Bespoke details

You might want more than the standard loft package. We are trained carpenters and can add in bespoke items. Recently one customer with mobility issues asked for a custom-made railing around the loft opening so that she could use it safely. We can also build loft storage with shelves wide enough to take bulky boxes and suitcases. 

Above: this customer wanted a bespoke safety rail

We take out the hassle factor

We often share photos of the jobs that we do under the title of “what a difference a day makes.” Our experience means that we can complete most jobs in less than a day- leaving you free to start storing and organising your belongings in the new space we create. We use large dust sheets and take away any debris with us. We can even paint loft hatches so that you would think they had been there all along. 

Customer recommendations

The fact that we have been improving lofts for more than a decade means that we have lots of recent reviews from happy customers. Take a look at the reviews section of this website and see our Facebook page. We are proud to be called reliable, professional and friendly by our customers.

Contact us now for a no-obligation quote and find out why using a specialist is best!

We help Warwickshire and Worcestershire homeowners reclaim space with loft improvements

Love having the family home but wish there was more storage space?

So for lockdown you were delighted that family members came home to stay? Several months later and you are still glad, but wish that they would sort their stuff out. Or take some of it to the tip? Perhaps they went back to their own homes or back to uni but still left you minding some of their belongings.

Whether it is children home from university or family members who lived alone and opted to move in, we all come with so much stuff these days. Space is at a premium in our homes and extending or moving is not always an option, particularly in the strange times that are 2020.

In less than a day, we help customers to declutter by providing loft improvement services. There is often a lot of wasted space sitting above our heads that can become usable storage with little interruption to your home lives.  

Loft boarding

Loft Boarding Installation

We can board all or only part of your loft. This doesn’t mean compromising on insulation – you can keep that in place and the boards we use increase the heat efficiency of your home.

Fixed loft ladder

A fixed ladder makes accessing the loft safer; you know that the ladder is not going to move around when you are on it. There are several options for budget and preference depending on the space you have.

Enlarge or move the loft hatch

The third part of the service we provide is to improve the loft opening itself. We can enlarge loft hatches, fit a new, neat surround and hatch door or even move the opening to somewhere more convenient.

So, if you need to accommodate belongings – yours and those of family members  – then maybe looking up will provide the answer.