Old loft ladder in Stratford and Warwick? Maybe it is time to upgrade your ladder

If you had a loft ladder fitted a long time ago or moved into a property with an existing ladder that has seen better days, you might be thinking of replacing it.

We would expect all the ladders that we fit to remain in excellent condition for many years. In fact, for most people, having a loft ladder fitted is a job they would not need to repeat in the same property. This is great news for our customers, but means that we only get repeat business when they move house!

However, if your ladder is no longer sliding easily into place or back into the loft, then you could be making the job of getting up there much more of a hassle then it needs to be. 

Modern ladders fold easily and smoothly into place – no trapped fingers. Many are attached to the loft hatch door, which makes getting them down that bit easier.

If your loft ladder does not feel stable or no longer feels securely attached, then don’t wait for it to get worse. Call us in to replace it.

We have recently been messaged by a homeowner, who wanted to repair his ladder – not one of ours, of course. We were able to advise on how to source a replacement part. So, it is always worth contacting us for advice.

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Looking for a cost-effective option for a loft ladder and boarding in Worcester?

Let’s face it, at this time of year there are plenty of demands on our money. In fact, many of our customers want a loft ladder and boarding to prepare their homes for Christmas, but are on a tight budget.

We are always happy to advise on how to help cut the cost of loft boarding and fitting a fixed ladder without compromising on quality.

Aluminium ladders offer the best value. What’s more, they are strong whilst being lightweight, so they are easy to unfold and put away. We use a trusted trade supplier, so whilst this option is cost-effective, we can also testify to its quality. In fact, aluminium is the most popular ladder choice – we must have fitted hundreds over the years, all for extremely satisfied customers.

A further consideration is what area of the loft do you need boarded. Many customers like to board right up to the eaves and for us to fit the loft boarding around any supports. However, it is equally popular to simply board a central section. This can provide more than ample storage space, as well as room to move around to access boxes and other items.

So if you would like to create extra storage in your home, whilst keeping the costs down, make it simple with an aluminium ladder and boarding of a central section.

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What is the best loft ladder and boarding option for Warwickshire and Worcestershire homeowners?

When quoting for work, we are often asked what is the gold standard option for loft ladders and loft boarding.  It is a hard question to answer because the best option can depend on the configurations of your home, however budget and space allowing, we can make recommendations.

Timber loft ladders provide safety and elegance

Space permitting, timber loft ladders are generally seen as the luxury option. We install three-section timber ladders, which are stored inside the trap door, so no loft floor space is wasted. We only source ladders through our same, trusted, trade supplier and stick to the models we know are tried and tested and will provide customers with years of reliable use. With a sturdy tread and integrated handrail, our timber loft ladders offer stability in use and are suitable for customers who use their loft frequently. They are also designed to take heavier loads than some of the other ladders that we offer, so if that is a consideration then definitely think about installing a timber ladder.

Loft boarding up to the eaves boosts storage

When it comes to boarding, we only use one type of quality board that increases the U-value of your home by adding to the insulation in your loft. Whilst boarding just a central section of the loft suits those on a budget, if you are able to board right up to the eaves, you will obviously increase your storage potential. We can cut the boards around any loft trusses so that the finish is neat and runs to the edge of your loft. 

Truss shelving in the loft increases storage potential

Bespoke extras also add to your storage possibilities. Truss shelving is a popular add-on for the customers we visit across Warwickshire and Worcestershire. These shelves sit on the V of the roof trusses and provide a handy area for storage, leaving the central floor area clear. By placing boxes at the side on truss shelving, the central section of your loft is kept free for you to move around and to give you space when accessing your belongings. We can also build additional bespoke storage shelving to accommodate whatever items you need to store, be it suitcases or sports equipment.

No obligation consultation to find out what’s right for you

Whatever you budget, we are happy to advise with a no-obligation consultation. Contact us here or take a look at our Facebook page for photos of recent installations.

Three Steps to (Storage) Heaven for homeowners in Warwickshire and Worcestershire

We like to keep things simple! When it comes to how to improve your loft, there are three main things to consider:

  1. Boarding
    This is the game changer! No more wasted space and no trying to precariously balance things, or worse yourself, on joists. With boarding costing around £35 per square metre, it is good value for money in relation to the space you will gain. If you are thinking about boarding the loft yourself, read our blog post first to check that you have the necessary skills and tools for the job. We get it done in less than a day and clear away all leftover materials and any mess. 
  2. Fixed Loft Ladder
    Make using the loft safe and make it easy. A fixed ladder means that going up to the loft is a breeze. If you already have a fixed loft ladder, but it is a bit heavy and clunky, why not change it for a modern, light version. Life is too short to dread going up to the loft!
  3. Loft Opening
    Is the hatch in the wrong place, like a bedroom or over the stairs? If it is in the right place, but awkward to get to and use, we can enlarge the opening or change the orientation to be more convenient. Changing the loft opening so that it is not over stairs is a job that we do quite often. We can fit a new hatch and surround and leave the ceiling looking as if the new hatch was always there!

There you have it – three steps to maximising your loft space. Contact us now to arrange a no obligation quote, or take a look at our services page for more information.

From Stratford-upon-Avon to Redditch, We Talk Loft Ladders

We love talking about loft ladders – aluminium or timber, telescopic or folding, they are our favourite topic of conversation. Whilst this might not make us popular at parties, our customers have a lot of questions about what makes the perfect loft ladder, so we’ve answered a few here.

What are the options for a fixed loft ladder?

We fit three styles of ladder:

  • Aluminium – lightweight and economical, the three sections slide into position and feature a handrail. Great where space is tight or for light use
  • Aluminium telescopic – ideal for smaller hatches or where there is limited clearance in the loft. Sturdier than you might think with an automatic locking system and extra-wide treads.
  • Wooden – aesthetically pleasing and suitable for heavier use. A three-section ladder that stores within the trap door to save space.

Where do we source our loft ladders?

We only fit trade ladders sourced from our trusted supplier. We always use the same supplier, so that we can vouch for the quality of the products we fit, both in terms of finish and usability. We fit a lot of ladders every week so we know they are good!

What is the most popular loft ladder?

We fit a lot of aluminium loft ladders. This option suits a wide range of homes and is cost-effective, which, as we also board the loft at the same time for most customers, means they can afford the whole package.

What about electric ladders?

We don’t fit electric ladders. The ladders we fit are so easy to use that there isn’t really a need amongst our customers – the cost versus benefit for the majority is not worth it. We provide an access pole that allows you to open the hatch and pull down the ladder without even requiring a step to reach the hatch.

Contact us

So for a no-obligation quote, contact us on our website form or call 07712 327889. We’d love to chat about loft ladders!

Loft improvements in Warwick, Redditch, Bidford and Stratford-upon-Avon – all in a week’s work for Stu’s Loft Ladders!

June is generally a busy month. We are not yet into summer holidays and people are getting on with home improvements before they go away. This year, the effect of coming out of lockdown and people feeling more confident about having work done in their homes, means that our diary is packed. We are certainly not complaining, as we love to be busy! Last week’s loft improvement jobs show a good range of the services we provide.

Boarding in Warwick

First up was a loft boarding job in Warwick, boarding around central roof supports, but leaving the area up to the eaves. We also fitted an aluminium ladder, creating an easy loft access and storage solution. A happy customer and our week was off to a good start!

Partial loft board in Bidford-On-Avon

Next we visited Bidford on Avon for a boarding job. The customer only wanted a partial board, so we created a storage area in the middle section the loft. Another happy customer!

Loft boarding and timber ladder in Stratford-upon-Avon

On to Stratford-upon-Avon. Here we turned wasted space into functional storage with a timber ladder.  Again, the customer wanted boarding to the middle section only, but in this large loft, this still created a large amount of storage potential.

Redditch boarding to middle section of loft

Later in the week we were in Redditch. Again creating a useable storage area with a board to the middle section of a loft. 

Enlarging and moving loft hatches

Our next two jobs were all about loft hatches. In Bidford, we enlarged the loft opening for a client and fitted a new hatch. To finish the week off, we visited another customer to move the loft opening, which had been over the stairs. This is a common location for hatches in older houses and not one that is very safe. We turned the loft around to run the other way on the landing and fitted an aluminium ladder and plastic hatch. 

Get in touch for your loft improvement quote

As you can tell, we specialise in loft improvements and we stay busy through customer recommendations. We are taking bookings now for the rest of June and July. Get in touch if you need some help to unlock the storage potential of your loft! Or still not sure? Check out more pictures of these jobs and others on our Facebook page.

What to expect for Warwickshire and Worcestershire homeowners, from quote to installed loft ladder and boarding

What can you expect when you give us a call or message us to find out more about loft boarding or fitting a fixed loft ladder?

No Obligation Quote

First of all, we will ask your address and book a convenient time to come round and take a look. We will need less than half an hour of your time to see the loft and loft access. In most cases, we will be able to give you a cost on the spot. And the cost we give you is what you will pay with no hidden extras. We will ask you about how you intend to use the loft so that we can advise on the best type of ladder. We may also suggest enlarging or moving your loft hatch, which can be easily be done at the same time. If it’s a boarding job, we can give you a price for boarding all or part of the loft space depending on your storage needs.

Booking the job

We are a small, independent firm and can be very flexible on dates, fitting in to suit your schedule. Most jobs can be done within the day.

On the day

We will generally arrive in the morning and start by putting down protective sheeting to make sure that your carpets and floors stay clean. During Covid we are taking precautions to keep customers safe including wearing masks and hand sanitising. You may also want to open some extra windows for ventilation on the floor where we are working.

We bring all the materials we will need, so that we can complete the job in one go. We bring lighting to help us work in the loft so it doesn’t matter if you don’t already have lighting up there. We have been boarding lofts and fitting ladders for over a decade so we can work quickly and to a high quality. If you are having a new loft hatch or moving it, we will plaster and paint around it so that you will not see any marks on the ceiling. We remove any waste and vacuum any dust so that your home is as tidy as we found it and the loft space is clear of debris. We have even been known to help customers move some of their belongings up to the loft before we go.

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Why DIY loft boarding and ladder fitting is a headache – if you live in Warwickshire and Worcestershire you should call in the professionals

Google DIY loft boarding and ladder fitting and you will straight away see some of the pitfalls of undertaking these jobs yourself.

Choosing a ladder is not straight forward if you don’t know what you are doing and you have to be confident when measuring up. You will need to make sure that the ladder you choose is the right height by accurately measuring from the floor of the landing to the floor of your loft. That isn’t the only measurement you will need – you must also ensure that the ladder fits the size of your loft hatch when folded. Of course, check that you take into account any clearance or pivoting space in the loft for the ladder once stowed.

No such thing as a standard loft

On to boarding. Having measured up so that you can purchase the boards and struggled to fit them in your car, you will need to cut them to fit. There is no such thing as a standard sized loft.  You will need the appropriate power tools and a large supply of screws. A workbench is also invaluable for cutting the boards to size.

Firstly, you will need a temporary work platform so you don’t fall through the ceiling and, if there is no lighting, some good quality work lamps. Pay attention to any light fittings from the celling below, electrical wires or extraction ducts as you work.

Protecting loft insulation

Insulation is the biggest obstacle to work around. You don’t want to remove it and reduce the heat efficiency of your home. It is also not a good idea to squash it down, which will affect its performance and restrict air flow to your ceiling joists. We raise the level of the floor and board over the top to protect both joists and insulation. If you want to do the same you will need to get measuring again and order more timber.

No mess and finished in a day

Plenty of people undertake boarding the loft and fitting a ladder themselves – we are not saying that customers are not up to it. Only that when you start looking at the time it will take you as a novice and factor in the cost of materials and, potentially, the hire or purchase of power tools, then the average cost of £35 per square metre for us to board doesn’t seem that high. Plus, on top of a professional job, we will be finished within the day and take away any mess! A major bonus when weighing up the pros and cons of DIY versus calling in the professionals.

Contact us to arrange a no obligation quote.

Wooden or aluminium loft ladder – Stratford and Chipping Campden jobs show that the right choice depends on the customer

We are often asked by customers which ladder they should go for.  Without wishing to sound non-committal, we can honestly say that it depends on the job! Two recent installations in the same week show that, whilst timber is right for one customer, aluminium is perfect for another.

Wooden ladder for comfort and aesthetics in Stratford-upon-Avon

Customers choose wooden loft ladders for strength, durability and the way they look. Aesthetics aside,  if you are going to be carrying heavy boxes up to the loft then a timber ladder is able to bear the extra weight you will be handling. For these reasons, our customer last week in Stratford-upon-Avon chose a wooden ladder.

You will see on the photo that this ladder stows in three sections within the loft hatch so that no extra clearance or loft space is required. We only use trade quality ladders, so unfolding and refolding is a cinch. Our timber ladders also feature wide comfortable treads – this can be an important consideration, particularly for older customers or those who may be negotiating awkward bulky items into the loft.

Light and easy to manoeuvre – aluminium ladder is right choice in Chipping Campden

If space is tight or the ladder is for light use, then aluminium is the way to go. The owner of this four-bedroom new build detached home did not need to carry heavy items up to the loft and chose aluminium as the best value option.

Aluminium loft ladders also offer the advantage of being light, making them easy to manoeuvre in and out of position. For some customers, this is an important consideration.

Loft Boarding Installation

Looking for storage in Warwickshire and Worcestershire? Why boarding the loft and fitting a loft ladder could save you money

The cost for us to fit a quality loft ladder starts from £295. This might seem like a considerable outlay, but if you are thinking about paying for storage, then you really should consider it. Having a sturdy and easy to use loft ladder means that you will be able to safely access your loft.

Compared to storage facilities, a loft ladder could pay for itself in six months

Storage in a dedicated facility comes in at around £50 per month for a 5ft x 7ft area or £85 for 6ft x 10ft. Some facilities may cost less, but sting you with an access charge every time you want to put something in or out.  Based on the lower of these two figures, a fitted loft ladder would pay for itself in six months. Of course, you would also have the benefit of it for as long as you need.

Every m2 of loft boarding is less than a month’s storage

The same is true of loft boarding.  Every job is different, but as a guide you could think about paying £35 per square metre with Stu’s Loft Ladders.  So, you could look at it, that every square metre is less than the cost of one month in storage. You could board an area of 10m2 and fit a ladder for around £650 total and, compared to the cheapest storage costs, break even in a year. To boot, you will have gained more storage space at home than that cost would have bought elsewhere with all the extra convenience.

Boarding the loft could add value to your home

Boarding the loft could add value to your home. As a job that many homebuyers think of doing, having a loft that is already boarded could help your home to stand out for practical-minded house viewers.

Unless you are storing large items such as bulky furniture, boarding the loft is a great alternative to paid-for storage. Think about it. Your loft is secure and you can access items whenever you need them. You can also store them indefinitely without the costs racking up as they would in a storage facility.

Take a look at our services page to find out more.