Looking for a loft ladder in Stratford-upon-Avon?

We simplify the choice with three options for fixed ladders

Sometimes choice can be overwhelming, particularly when you are not sure of the full range of options. When it comes to choosing a fixed loft ladder, we keep it simple. We have fitted hundreds of ladders over a decade of trading and have selected three of the best quality ladders that will offer years of safe and easy loft access.

Aluminium loft ladder

The most popular option for a good reason. Our aluminium loft ladder offers fantastic value with no compromise on quality. Providing strength and stability, aluminium is also lightweight, so pulling the ladder into position and stowing it away after use offers no strain. We fit aluminium ladders into all types of houses, from new builds to period properties.


If your budget is a little larger, or you will be taking bulkier items into the loft, then consider timber. With wide, sturdy treads, wooden ladders allow you to carry up large items without worrying about placing your feet easily as you ascend. Many customers also choose our timber loft ladder for aesthetic reasons: they simply like the look of them and are going to be using them frequently.


Our telescopic loft ladder is perfect for awkward spaces or those where space is tight, either in the space on the floor below the loft or in the loft itself where the ladder will be stowed. Telescopic ladders slide easily into position and lock, so you can have peace of mind that it is completely safe. Customers are often surprised at how sturdy these ladders are.

Whatever your budget and space, contact us for a no-pressure quote and advice about accessing your loft space. Call us on 07712 327 889 or email stuart@stusloftladders.co.uk