Redditch homeowners ask how safe are you going up to the loft?

Modern loft ladders offer features that make going up to the loft easy and safe. With automatic locking,  handrails, rubber feet and sturdy treads, using a quality fixed loft ladder, is a very different experience to propping up a portable ladder or even using an older style fixed one.

As well as choosing a quality fixed ladder, our best tip is to have it professionally fitted.  No two loft jobs are the same in our experience – even in new builds, the homeowner may have a different requirement for the size of the loft hatch or its position, both of which can influence the type of ladder needed. There is skill in ensuring that the ladder is adjusted to suit your ceiling height and the angle it will descend at. We fit hundreds of ladders each year and can ensure that, when a ladder extends, it is stable and secure.

Boarding is the other important area to consider. Loosely placed boards or pieces of wood placed over joists are no replacement for a properly boarded loft. With a stable platform you can safely manoeuvre and access items with no risk of falling through the ceiling into the room below.

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