Family loft ladder business serving customers in Stratford-upon-Avon area

We know that the cost of living is on everyone’s mind right now. We are an independent local business and providing value for money services is important to us. We provide a first class service, boarding lofts and fitting quality loft ladders, at a reasonable price.

Loft boarding comes in at around £60 per square metre with costs having risen to reflect the cost of the raw materials we use. However, there are some tips to keep costs down when creating loft storage.

What can I do to keep the costs down when boarding my loft or fitting a loft ladder?

Boarding a central section of the loft is a popular option and one that makes sense. For most customers, the central section, as in the photo with this post, provides ample storage. This is the most useful area of the loft as it has the greatest head space.

The other tip for keeping costs down is to choose an aluminium ladder. This is not a compromise on quality as aluminium ladders are strong, as well as light, making them easy to pull down and put away.

We are always happy to visit to provide a no-obligation quote and we can make suggestions about how to stick to a budget. Email us at