Endless storage opportunities through loft ladder and boarding combo in Evesham

Our customers all have different ideas about what they want to store in their lofts.

Some are just itching to store a partner’s sports equipment or items from a former hobby that they no longer use. Others run a business from home and have files that they need to keep for a period of time that they don’t want cluttering up precious office space. For some, it is sentimental items that they just aren’t ready to get rid of but don’t want to look at every day.

Whatever they use the space for, boarding the loft creates functional storage, allowing them to get organised in other areas of their homes. Fitting a loft ladder means easy access for when the items are wanted. It takes less than a day for us to fit a ladder and board the loft and the change for customers can be very freeing as it opens up possibilities in other areas of the home.

To find out more about the storage space you could create, contact us by calling or texting 07712 327 889.

Going up to the loft needn’t be a hassle if you live in Warwickshire

It’s the time of year again for the obligatory trip up to the loft to fetch the Christmas decorations!

If going up to your loft is something you dread, then maybe you should rethink your loft access!

A sturdy, easy to operate ladder makes all the difference. No wobbling around on a portable ladder – with just an easy sliding action, a fixed loft ladder offers safety and ease. We fit models to suit all budgets and spaces and we are always happy to advise on the options available.

Did you know that you can easily enlarge or even move your loft opening? Often loft hatches are too small to accommodate bulkier items or boxes. They are often in inconvenient spaces such as bedrooms or even bathrooms. Boarding up the old opening and fitting a new hatch in a more convenient space can be done without any tell-tale marks – we will plaster and paint so that it looks as if it was always in the new position.

Give us a call for a no-obligation quote on 07712 327 889. We cover most of Warwickshire and Worcestershire from our base in Studley, near Redditch.

Looking for a loft ladder in Stratford-upon-Avon?

We simplify the choice with three options for fixed ladders

Sometimes choice can be overwhelming, particularly when you are not sure of the full range of options. When it comes to choosing a fixed loft ladder, we keep it simple. We have fitted hundreds of ladders over a decade of trading and have selected three of the best quality ladders that will offer years of safe and easy loft access.

Aluminium loft ladder

The most popular option for a good reason. Our aluminium loft ladder offers fantastic value with no compromise on quality. Providing strength and stability, aluminium is also lightweight, so pulling the ladder into position and stowing it away after use offers no strain. We fit aluminium ladders into all types of houses, from new builds to period properties.


If your budget is a little larger, or you will be taking bulkier items into the loft, then consider timber. With wide, sturdy treads, wooden ladders allow you to carry up large items without worrying about placing your feet easily as you ascend. Many customers also choose our timber loft ladder for aesthetic reasons: they simply like the look of them and are going to be using them frequently.


Our telescopic loft ladder is perfect for awkward spaces or those where space is tight, either in the space on the floor below the loft or in the loft itself where the ladder will be stowed. Telescopic ladders slide easily into position and lock, so you can have peace of mind that it is completely safe. Customers are often surprised at how sturdy these ladders are.

Whatever your budget and space, contact us for a no-pressure quote and advice about accessing your loft space. Call us on 07712 327 889 or email stuart@stusloftladders.co.uk

Family loft ladder business serving customers in Stratford-upon-Avon area

We know that the cost of living is on everyone’s mind right now. We are an independent local business and providing value for money services is important to us. We provide a first class service, boarding lofts and fitting quality loft ladders, at a reasonable price.

Loft boarding comes in at around £60 per square metre with costs having risen to reflect the cost of the raw materials we use. However, there are some tips to keep costs down when creating loft storage.

What can I do to keep the costs down when boarding my loft or fitting a loft ladder?

Boarding a central section of the loft is a popular option and one that makes sense. For most customers, the central section, as in the photo with this post, provides ample storage. This is the most useful area of the loft as it has the greatest head space.

The other tip for keeping costs down is to choose an aluminium ladder. This is not a compromise on quality as aluminium ladders are strong, as well as light, making them easy to pull down and put away.

We are always happy to visit to provide a no-obligation quote and we can make suggestions about how to stick to a budget. Email us at stuart@stusloftladders.co.uk

Back to school for Redditch families is the ideal time to board the loft and clear the clutter

The summer holidays are coming to an end and the kids will be back in school. If, like most families, having everyone at home has meant an explosion in the amount of clutter, there is an easy solution for claiming back space.

Boarding the loft is a way of creating storage for items that family members can’t bear to part with or seldom use. Our customers generally want to store seasonal items and clothes or sentimental belongings that they don’t want to display.

Loft storage is an ideal solution as it means that items can be easily accessed when required. It all comes down to how you store your belongings and, with a bit of organisation including effective labelling and use of boxes with lids or vacuum packing clothes and textiles, loft storage can keep the items you don’t use everyday safe until you need them.

By adding a ladder that is easy to slide into place, easy access storage is assured.

Stu’s Loft Ladders is taking bookings now for autumn and we are always happy to visit customers in Redditch and the surrounding area to advise on the best boarding and loft ladder package for them.

Live in Stratford-upon-Avon and don’t have a loft ladder? Why you should be checking everything is ok up there!

At Stu’s Loft Ladders, we think that every home would benefit from using the loft space for storage, however we are aware that not everyone does. Indeed, you may be a homeowner who never goes up into the loft. If that is the case, you should still be checking at regular intervals that everything is OK up there.

One of the main problems to check for in lofts is woodworm. Often, we have pointed this out to homeowners when carrying out loft boarding or fitting loft ladders to customers who were totally unaware.  The peak months for woodworm activity are between May and October when the weather is warmer. Tell-tale signs include tiny holes in the surface of the timbers and fine dust, called frass, around any holes. Left untreated, woodworm can lead to weakened timbers and cause structural problems.

Other unwanted loft visitors

Other visitors that can cause damage are rodents. Mice can go undetected in a loft space and can cause damage to electrical cables as they seem to have a taste for gnawing on the the plastic casings. Look for small, black droppings and shredded materials. Mice also leave a strong ammonia-like smell, which is a reliable indicator of their presence.

It’s not just mice that like to make a home in lofts. Squirrels and birds are also commonly found in loft spaces, so always check out any strange noises that seem to come from there. 

If you have a large number of wasps in your garden, there is likely to be a nest nearby. Wasps’ nests can often grow quite large (to the size of a football) before they are detected. If you discover a nest, never try to tackle it yourself – it is definitely a job for the professionals.

Checking for roof damage and damp

It can be hard to get a view from outside to see the health of all parts of your roof. Good practice is to check inside the loft from time to time to see that all is well. Turn the lights off and check for any daylight coming in to indicate any gaps. Also check for any changes in timbers that might indicated moisture.

Fit a fixed ladder

A fixed ladder makes going up to the loft safe and hassle free. Stu’s Loft Ladders offers a range of ladder to suit a variety of homes and budgets. See our services page for more details http://www.stusloftladders.co.uk/services/

Loft Boarding Installation

Demand for loft ladder fitting in Redditch led to creation of Stu’s Loft Ladders

And it’s kept us in business for over a decade

It is over a decade since Stuart Dyson formed Stu’s Loft Ladders from his base in Studley, near Redditch.

Stuart was a carpenter working for house builders on new-builds when he saw a demand for value-for-money loft ladder installation.

Since that time, the business has expanded to fit loft boarding, but Stuart still runs the business with a small team covering Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

Stuart’s carpentry skills are central to the service the firm provides and enable them to offer customers made-to-measure extras such as loft shelving and safety rails.

Customer recommendation has ensured that the firm has remained busy boarding lofts and fitting loft ladders, even through the pandemic, as soon as restrictions were lifted.

To see what our customers think, check out our reviews or take a look at our Facebook page.

How to choose a company to fit a loft ladder and board your loft in Stratford-upon-Avon

Maybe you are seeing adverts or posts appear in your social media feeds to fit loft ladders and board lofts in Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding area. How do you select a firm and make sure it’s the right choice?

We always say it, but check out recent reviews and ask around. Local forums such as those on social media are a good place to start. The Stratford on Avon Forum will usually yield a good response from homeowners who can recommend a firm they have used.

Check that the team that is quoting for your business is the team that will actually carry out the work. Find out how experienced they are. If you are having someone cut into your ceiling joists to enlarge or move a loft opening, then you want to make sure that they have done the job successfully for happy customers.

We are biased as an independent trader, but we really think it is the best option. Being independent means that we are not trying to sell you a fixed package. We will simply visit to see what you want to achieve, and what budget you have, and make recommendations accordingly.

If you want to find out what Stu’s Loft Ladders can offer, get in touch by calling 07712 327 889 or emailing stuart@stusloftladders.co.uk

Jubilee provides time to reflect on busy year boarding lofts in Warwickshire

We don’t often take a four day weekend at this time of year. We are usually too busy working away in customers’ lofts to create storage or fitting ladders so that they can access their loft space.

So, the jubilee celebrations have given us time to pause and reflect on what has been a particularly busy period. Despite the squeeze from inflation, people in the Warwickshire and Worcestershire area have continued to invest in their homes. The memory of lockdown looms large and customers in Stratford, Warwick, Alcester and Redditch are still wanting to make the most of the space they have by creating storage space in the loft.

This means that the team at Stu’s Loft Ladders has been busier than ever boarding and fitting fixed ladders. Aluminium remains our most popular option for loft ladders and for good reason; it is the most cost-effective ladder and offers strength combined with ease of use, thanks to its low weight.

Our team is taking a well-deserved break over the jubilee weekend.

Thank you to all our customers – we wish you a happy jubilee bumper bank holiday, whatever you are doing.

Why choose a local Studley firm for loft ladders and loft boarding?

Search for ‘loft ladder fitting Studley’ online and you will see quite a few names come up, ours included.

Why go for Stu’s Loft ladders, a local independent firm, when choosing a contractor to supply and fit a loft ladder? 

  • We rely on our local reputation. It is as important to us that our customers are 100% happy with the finished job as it is for them. We have been in business for over a decade and rely on our reputation in Warwickshire.  Every job, large or small, counts.
  • We offer a friendly approach. Dealing with a family firm, means short lines of communication. We will let you know when we will do the job and you can message our team directly about any changes to times or requirements.
  • Flexibility. We are busy, but as Stuart is the business owner and fitter, we can flex to find a time that suits you.

We’d love you to put us to the test. Email us at stuart@stusloftladders.co.uk or give us a call on 07712 327 889 to arrange a quotation. You can also view photos of our recent jobs on our Facebook page.