For Warwickshire homeowners we talk protecting your boarded loft from dust

Once your loft is boarded, you may want to maintain it as a clean environment so that your belongings remain in top condition.

If this is the case, there are several options:

  • The most effective method is to install a breathable lining. This will stop the grit and dust that can fall from roof spaces and prevent it from spoiling items in storage. The important word is “breathable.” Lofts are unheated and there is generally quite a lot of moisture that needs to escape to prevent mould and mildew build-up.
  • The next level up would be to line the roof completely with plywood. This gives a neat, attractive finish, but for most is not a viable option due to the amount expense involved.
  • Ensure everything is under cover. It won’t stop the dust entering your loft space, but it will ensure that it doesn’t damage your belongings. Store smaller items in boxes with lids and cover larger items with dust sheets.
  • Take your vacuum cleaner up there! This is probably the least practical option – although we do have customers who hoover their lofts from time to time to keep on top of dust. It depends how important maintaining a clear loft space is to you. Our main piece of advice, other than being extremely careful in carrying up a bulky vacuum cleaner, is to wear a mask. As people who regularly work in loft spaces, we can testify to the importance of mask wearing when spending a longer than usual time in an area containing fibrous insulation.

If you would like some advice on improving your loft, then get in touch with our team.