How to make the most of loft storage – our top tips for Stratford-upon-Avon homeowners

There is no doubt about it – boarding the loft and fitting a fixed loft ladder is a sure-fire way to create useable storage in your home, whilst freeing up living areas. For customers who have recently had their loft boarded by our team, or those thinking about it, these are our top tips for making the most of all that new storage space:

Box clever

Cardboard boxes may be a cheap and light option, but there is nothing more frustrating whilst searching for an item than to rummage to the bottom of a box to find it is not there. Instead, we recommend buying a set of clear, stackable boxes. Most DIY stores sell them and often have offers when buying more than one. We are all trying to avoid buying plastic, so make sure they last – the cheap, brittle kind can be a false economy and may crack and need replacing. 

If you do opt for cardboard or recycled plastic (which won’t be transparent), label the contents clearly. Group similar items together and write or tape a list of the contents on more than one side so that you can see the list easily, whichever way the box is facing.

Keep a lid on it

A certain amount of dust will fall onto whatever you store in the loft, so we recommend boxes with lids. Lids will not only keep the dust and grit out, but also provide a barrier to spiders and moths.

Honey, I’ve shrunk the clothes

If you haven’t tried vacuum packing clothing, then it is a revelation. Belongings that would fill an entire box, shrink down to a tiny size and, best of all, moths and dust mites can’t get in! Think of the space you could create in your wardrobe if you could take out some of your bulky winter items.

Shine a light

Searching around a loft with the torch on your phone is a tricky business. LED lighting options are now far more powerful than they once were. Look for battery operated lights that can be angled and attached easily where you need them. LED lights with a sensor will make life easier.

Bespoke options

You could consider having shelving built as part of your loft build or retro fitting some. We are often asked to build-in shelving to accommodate suitcases or sporting equipment.

If you would like a quote to board your loft or fit a fixed ladder, contact us now. You can see photos from some of our recent jobs on our Facebook page.