“I live in the West Midlands and would like my loft boarded, but there’s so much insulation!”

No problem, give us a call! You might think that you can’t board your loft because there are such thick layers of insulation, but we are used to seeing this and have a system that protects and even improves the thermal efficiency of your home.

Experienced carpenters

We raise the floor so there is no need to remove any of the loft insulation. This is particularly important if you are in a new build as you do not want to invalidate your new home warranty. We are experienced carpenters and can work around the nooks and crannies of your loft to create a raised boarding area that protects your insulation.

Boards improve thermal efficiency

We upgrade the floor supports to accommodate the insulation and then board over the top. Did you know that the boards we use actually help to conserve heat – another great reason to board your loft.

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