Stratford homeowners ask can you board the loft in a new build? No problem, just call in an expert

So, you’ve got the keys to your new build home and you are ready to start unpacking. Anyone who has ever moved into a new build property will know the excitement of thinking that they are the first people to ever live there. But, as you start unpacking, you realise that you are going to run out  of space and start thinking about the loft and whether you can use it to store belongings. You’ve heard something about not being able to board new lofts because of the levels of insulation. So what do you do?

Raising the floor before boarding protects your insulation

The answer is, you call in an expert. You can board the loft in a new build, but you need to be careful not to affect the levels of insulation or to invalidate your NHBC warranty. An experienced loft company, such as Stu’s Loft Ladders, will not board the loft in a new build without first upgrading the floor.  That means that we raise the level of the floor to accommodate all the insulation. What’s even better is that the boards we use will actually add further insulation, making your house even more energy efficient.

In a new build, we would definitely recommend that you use an experienced company who can use their carpentry skills to ensure that the insulation is protected. Whilst we are on the job, we can add a fixed ladder and enlarge the hatch from the standard one fitted to one that allows extra room for storing larger items.

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