How to make your home feel bigger without extending in Bromsgrove

Depending on where you live, the average cost of an extension is reckoned to be between £1,200 and £1,800 per square metre. Whilst most of us who buy a property wish to change it in some way and may plan to extend, arranging the necessary finances and permissions can take a long time. 

The answer could lie in creating proper storage space so that you can reorganise your existing rooms.

The cost for boarding is around £35 per square metre, so whilst still being an investment, this can be a practical solution compared to to building costs. Boarding and ladder fitting can also be achieved within a day and with minimal disruption, leaving you free to start reorganising your space.

In fact, a boarded loft, safely and easily accessed with a fitted ladder can totally transform a property by opening up storage possibilities.  Items that are not needed every day can be kept out of sight and brought down from the loft when required.

Modern ladders are light but sturdy and glide into place without the fear of trapped fingers. Going up to the loft to retrieve belongings is no longer a chore.

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Does boarding your loft add value to your home in Worcestershire and Warwickshire?

When planning any home improvement, most of us want to know if the outlay will be worth it in terms of property value.

The important thing to point out is that loft improvements, such as boarding and fitting a fixed ladder, are not the same as a loft conversion. By boarding you are not creating habitable space, even if you install lighting or a window. Loft conversions have to abide by building regulations and therefore are in a different category.

Loft boarding = useable space

However, whilst boarding the loft might not count towards the overall floorspace of the property in estate agent terms, it does give you useable space and makes your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Additional selling point

Boarding the loft is a job most people like to have done and is an additional selling point, particularly over a similar property which does not offer it.

Showcase features

Furthermore, boarding the loft enables you to declutter living areas, creating the illusion of more space when showcasing rooms in marketing materials. If a house looks too busy with belongings, estate agents will often advise the seller to move some items to storage to better showcase their property. Desirable features such as fireplaces and windows stand out more when there is not so much clutter detracting from them.

Perhaps the greatest bonus of loft boarding is that you will have the benefit of it whilst you live in the property. It is very common for homeowners to prepare their home to sell by decluttering and decorating only to fall in love with it all over again. Having storage space creates room to rethink and play with how you use the living areas. 

Loft boarding might be cheaper than you think

As with most things in life, the answer to whether improving the loft adds value is multifaceted. It is unlikely to be a job that you will regret having done as it might be better value than you think.  Contact us now for a quotation.

Garage loft boarding in Shirley highlights change in way we use our homes


Not all of our jobs involve conventional lofts. Some installations are more unusual or are for a specific purpose.

Boarding garage creates home gym

This week we boarded the ceiling of a garage in Shirley for a customer who wanted to create a home gym. 

We’ve boarded many garage lofts over the years, but this was the first time we’ve boarded the underside of the ceiling. The customer wanted to create a gym at ground level and, for aesthetics, wanted a smooth ceiling without the expense and mess of plastering. We boarded the loft using MDF, ready for the customer to paint over.  We are wondering if post-lockdown this might be a trend as people find ways to exercise at home.

Loft boarding frees up living space 

We often board garage lofts to create additional storage. We all tend to fill whatever space we have and for customers who want to be able to see the floor again in their garage by moving items they only occasionally need, the loft is the perfect option. 

In the past, customers have wanted to create room in the garage for bikes, a new car, or lawnmowers. Lockdown has changed the way we view our homes and a garage provides the ideal space for exercise equipment, leisure pursuits or even a home office. With a spike in bike sales many people might find that they want space back in their garage to store them. 

We are certainly busy as people want to make the most of the space they have, in case they need to go into lockdown or isolation again. Hopefully that will not happen, but our customers will be able to enjoy the extra space they free up by moving belongings to loft storage.

Customers Ready to Embrace Loft Storage in Redditch and Studley

Customer confidence grows for home improvements with social distancing

It’s good to be busy. For any small trader getting through lockdown has been hard and the return to a new normal has been a nervous time for both customer and business owner. We have been delighted to see trade pick up from the start of July as customers show confidence in having us work within their homes to improve loft storage.

“Over lockdown everyone has been stuck in their homes, with time to think about what they could improve,” commented Stuart Dyson, owner of Stu’s Loft Ladders. “Creating accessible storage in the loft through boarding and fitting a fixed ladder can be a small change, but one that allows homeowners to transform their living space. No more infrequently used items taking up valuable space in rooms and garages, instead they can be carried safely and easily up to the loft. Boarding also means an end to precarious balancing between joists.

“To start with trade was slow but steady; now customers are regaining confidence and want to get on with jobs.” 

Last week our team quoted on seven jobs, six of which are set to proceed. The legacy of lockdown is that customers want to think for longer before proceeding. In these strange times, we all want to be sure that we are doing the right thing. 

“Post-lockdown, people are definitely taking longer before they decide to proceed,” explained Stuart. “Normally we give customers a price when we visit and they make a decision whilst we are still there. If they say they want to think about it, it usually means a no, but that is not the case at the moment, as customers are calling back after a week and wanting to go ahead.

“We are able to reassure customers that we take social distancing very seriously and that the job is nearly always completed within the day.”

Loft boarding, ladder fitting and new hatch in Redditch 3-storey home

This week we have helped homeowners in Redditch to gain full access to their loft with the holy trinity of loft improvement: enlarged hatch, fixed ladder and boarding. In a modern property we enlarged the loft opening to fit a standard plastic surround, which leaves a neat finish on a landing where space is tight. The customer chose a lightweight, easy to operate, aluminum three-section ladder – again a great choice where space is limited.

Studley traditional semi-detached is perfect for loft storage

The enlarged loft hatch and as it was when we arrived

We also completed loft improvements in Studley in a 1930’s semi-detached with lath and plaster ceilings. This traditional style property is perfect for creating storage space as the triangular structure without additional trusses leaves a large area. In this case, we fitted a fixed ladder and loft hatch, leaving the customer the option of completing the boarding at a later date.

Having removed the old surround, we enlarged the hatch and fitted a fixed aluminium ladder

As we started by saying, it’s good to be busy. We’ve been delighted to receive four glowing reviews in two weeks on our Facebook page. For independent traders, the upside of customers homeworking is that they are at their computers ready to post reviews! 


Loft storage makes sense for our customers in the Midlands

We all have items that we don’t use everyday, but want to keep. The loft is the often the prime area we use to store these belongings. Not everybody has a garage and sheds are often too damp for precious items.

Recent finished loft boarding job in Wellesbourne

Boarding the loft makes sense – an average house in the UK is 68m2. By boarding the loft, you will most likely be adding the same as one storey of storage– that’s the potential for an extra 30m2 of space.  When related to the cost of property per square metre that is a significant gain, particularly in the West Midlands in areas where property prices are high like Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

Average cost for loft boarding and storage space

We are often asked to give an idea of cost on the phone or through a message. Like most home improvement firms, we like to visit to ensure that our quote is accurate, but as a ballpark figure, £40 per square metre is a good indication of cost. This price includes upgrading the floor to accommodate insulation, pipes and wires. For a customer who really only needs extra space in their homes for storage that is an extremely cost-effective way of creating extra space compared to extending, but one that can have a similarly dramatic effect when it enables them to re-organise the space they have. Of course you don’t have to board the entire area and many customers choose to do a section of it, on average 10m2 to 15m2

Preparation to raise boarding above insulation

Loft storage top ten for Midlands customers

Our customers always have ideas for how to use the storage area we create by boarding their loft and often share their plans with us. The top ten most quoted items destined for loft storage are:

  • Christmas decorations
  • Suitcases
  • Clothes that are out of season – many people don’t have room in their wardrobes and swap over their summer and winter attire
  • Equipment for occasional or lapsed activities and hobbies – from golf clubs to skis
  • Books
  • Photos
  • Children’s toys and baby clothes/equipment
  • Sentimental items that customers don’t want in their living space but can’t quite part with
  • CDs and records – for customers that stream their music but like to know their collection is safe
  • Boxes left for safe-keeping by a family member – most often children who have flown the nest but still want the benefit of a free storage facility

Top tips when creating loft storage space

  • Think about the ladder – it will need to be sturdy enough to take the weight if you plan to store heavy items
  • Consider enlarging the hatch- many housebuilders fit a small hatch as standard, which can make taking items up and down awkward
  • In a new build you will need to consider the insulation. We create raised boarding that allows you to keep your current level of insulation and even adds additional thermal properties.

Bespoke shelving

As part of a wider job we can build in dedicated storage shelving. We are skilled and experienced carpenters and can create bespoke shelving to fit boxes, suitcases or whatever you need to store.

So, if you want to make the most of the space you have, consider looking upwards in your home and get the loft boarded.  We provide advice and no-obligation quotes – contact the team here.


Custom-made in Studley – the bespoke benefits of having skilled carpenters board your loft

One of the benefits of having experienced carpenters board your loft and fit a loft ladder is their ability to create a bespoke installation to your exact requirements. This was the case at a recent installation in Studley, near Redditch, for a customer whose mobility issues meant that accessing the loft had been tricky.

More than just a loft ladder for Studley customer

The customer approached us for a quote to board and fit a wooden ladder to her home, a three-bedroom semi-detached. As she was happy with the price, the deciding factor was whether we could create a safety balustrade for her around the opening in the loft as she had some balance problems.

We crafted a strong wooden balustrade around three sides of the loft opening in order for her to safely and confidently access the loft.

Safety rails and loft storage – our carpentry skills make the difference

Other add-ons we can provide are grab rails for older adults or built-in storage for suitcases, books etc.

Stu Dyson, founder and owner of Stu’s Loft Ladders explains, “ Because we are experienced carpenters, we can work around whatever issue the client has, whether that is adding grab rails or balustrades, or building in storage to make the most of a newly-boarded loft.  It makes sense to have this work done at the same time as part of the loft improvements. We are not just fitting a kit, we are shaping each installation to the customer’s needs.”

For more information or to arrange a free quote, please call us on 07712 327889.