From Stratford-upon-Avon to Redditch, We Talk Loft Ladders

We love talking about loft ladders – aluminium or timber, telescopic or folding, they are our favourite topic of conversation. Whilst this might not make us popular at parties, our customers have a lot of questions about what makes the perfect loft ladder, so we’ve answered a few here.

What are the options for a fixed loft ladder?

We fit three styles of ladder:

  • Aluminium – lightweight and economical, the three sections slide into position and feature a handrail. Great where space is tight or for light use
  • Aluminium telescopic – ideal for smaller hatches or where there is limited clearance in the loft. Sturdier than you might think with an automatic locking system and extra-wide treads.
  • Wooden – aesthetically pleasing and suitable for heavier use. A three-section ladder that stores within the trap door to save space.

Where do we source our loft ladders?

We only fit trade ladders sourced from our trusted supplier. We always use the same supplier, so that we can vouch for the quality of the products we fit, both in terms of finish and usability. We fit a lot of ladders every week so we know they are good!

What is the most popular loft ladder?

We fit a lot of aluminium loft ladders. This option suits a wide range of homes and is cost-effective, which, as we also board the loft at the same time for most customers, means they can afford the whole package.

What about electric ladders?

We don’t fit electric ladders. The ladders we fit are so easy to use that there isn’t really a need amongst our customers – the cost versus benefit for the majority is not worth it. We provide an access pole that allows you to open the hatch and pull down the ladder without even requiring a step to reach the hatch.

Contact us

So for a no-obligation quote, contact us on our website form or call 07712 327889. We’d love to chat about loft ladders!