Live in Stratford-upon-Avon? Board the loft and you might find items to bring in cash

If you can’t find what you are looking for in your loft because it is not boarded, then you could be missing out. Taking a look at the value of items sold on auction websites reveals where you could make some extra cash.

Vinyl is making a comeback and if you are holding on to LP’s and singles that you will never play, listing them could bring in some money.

Whilst some will never part with vinyl, old tech is less sentimental. A “vintage” Nokia fetches around £20 whilst a Nintendo Gameboy could earn £45 on eBay. An original Walkman sells for between £20 and £50, depending on the model.

With people taking up new hobbies in lockdown, sewing machines have been in demand. If yours is gathering dust in the loft, then you could pocket the money and put it towards something you’ll love.

Boarding the loft makes locating items easy

If you are thinking of decluttering your loft over the long Easter weekend, but need to make some home improvements so you can actually find what is up there then, call us on 07712 327889 to talk about fitting a fixed loft ladder and boarding.