Time for a spring clean? Loft boarding in Stratford-upon-Avon could help you clear the clutter

Just think what you could store in a newly boarded loft!

From clearing bookcases for a more streamlined look, to organising paperwork that you need to hang on to but don’t want to look at, a boarded loft can help you organise your living space.

By adding a loft ladder, you can ensure that your newly-created storage space is easily accessible.  So, if it’s something that you might want tomorrow, but don’t need today, why not think about storing it in your loft?

We take a look at some of the most frequently stored items in our customers’ lofts.


Whether you are storing your skinny jeans waiting for them to come back into fashion or looking to take bulky winter items out of precious wardrobe space, storing clothes in a boarded loft is a popular option. Just make sure they are vacuum packed to keep them looking good when you retrieve them.


If you run your own business from home, the chances are that you will have paperwork and records that you just can’t get rid of ‘in case.’ Label and store them in a boxed hanging file and you can clear room around your desk, leaving you feeling less hemmed in by a lack of home office space.

Sports equipment

Maybe it’s scuba diving kit for your next foreign adventure or golf clubs for when you finally get back to lessons. Many of us have sports equipment gathering dust in a corner. Put it in a boarded loft, and with the help of an easy-access loft ladder, you can retrieve it in a jiffy should you want it.


These are some of the most popular items to store in a boarded loft. With a trend for stylised book cases complete with trailing plants and carefully curated objects, a rammed bookcase can make your home look cluttered. Remember to store them in airtight boxes to keep them in tiptop condition.

So if banishing the clutter is appealing, call us today on 07712 327 889

How negative space is a design positive for your home – creating calm interiors by boarding lofts in Warwickshire and Worcestershire

Now that we can have friends round again, we may be looking at our homes with fresh eyes. Suddenly the piles of paperwork on the kitchen counter or overflowing bookshelves seem untidy. You may want your home to look more like the examples you see online – more inspirational and less, well, lived in!

Whilst we need to be realistic about how busy homes actually look compared to publicity shots, there is a professional design technique that we can copy to give our interiors the wow factor – the creation of negative space.

Negative space features in all design disciplines, from graphics to architecture and involves creating an empty area to better emphasise certain features. It may be that you have a gorgeous armchair hidden behind a coffee table piled high with magazines or in-front of a busy shelving unit. By taking out the surrounding visual distractions, the eye will be drawn to the shape of the chair making it a central feature of your design. The same might be true for a picture you love, or a light fixture – by imitating the techniques of the professionals you can create impact with the items you really love.

Negative space not only draws the eye to certain features in our home, but can also create a calm and harmonious space. If not every square inch is taken up with possessions, there is mentally room to breath and a sense of order in busy lives. 

Loft Boarding Installation
Think of what you could store when you create space like this

Of course we are going to suggest that loft storage is the answer as boarding lofts and fitting loft ladders is our stock-in-trade. Genuinely, we hear time and again from customers who have fallen back in love with their homes by creating proper storage. Suddenly there is an accessible place to put the items that they don’t want cluttering up their living areas. Sometimes this can be keeping a few favourite ornaments on shelves whilst storing the rest, or putting CD collections that have been digitised out of sight. After all, we don’t always want to part with items or need a “holding bay”until we are sure.

So if the lifting of restrictions and the prospect of visitors is making you reappraise your home, then give us a call. We are always happy to provide a no-obligation quote so you can see what good value boarding the loft provides. Contact us now.

For Stratford-upon-Avon homeowners, loft boarding can be the first step to regaining control of the clutter

The Bank Holiday weekend is the perfect time to have a clear out and to take control of your possessions.

Often we can feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we hang on to. Most of us have it – a dumping ground, whether that be the garage, utility room, cupboard under the stairs or spare bedroom. The place where we shove things that we may need later or don’t want to look at. Over time, that area can become overwhelming and we just shove things in and quickly shut the door.

If you don’t have loft storage, boarding the loft can be a positive first step in reorganising your home and sorting out the mess. Starting with a clean slate is an opportunity to tackle the problem areas in our homes. With a little organisation, the loft storage can be really functional. Think labelled boxes, shelving and enough boarded area to move around in between boxes so that items can be retrieved and returned easily.

Truss shelving is an inexpensive addition that creates an area for neatly storing boxes at the sides of the loft, leaving the floor area free to move around in. We can even build bespoke shelves so that items such as suitcases are off the floor and neatly stored.

If the mess in your home can make you scream, boarding the loft can be a positive first step to regaining control through proper storage

So, if you would like to create a little more order in your home, give us a call on 07712 327889 for a free, no-obligation quote. We cover Warwickshire and Worcestershire from our base near Redditch.

Live in Stratford-upon-Avon? Board the loft and you might find items to bring in cash

If you can’t find what you are looking for in your loft because it is not boarded, then you could be missing out. Taking a look at the value of items sold on auction websites reveals where you could make some extra cash.

Vinyl is making a comeback and if you are holding on to LP’s and singles that you will never play, listing them could bring in some money.

Whilst some will never part with vinyl, old tech is less sentimental. A “vintage” Nokia fetches around £20 whilst a Nintendo Gameboy could earn £45 on eBay. An original Walkman sells for between £20 and £50, depending on the model.

With people taking up new hobbies in lockdown, sewing machines have been in demand. If yours is gathering dust in the loft, then you could pocket the money and put it towards something you’ll love.

Boarding the loft makes locating items easy

If you are thinking of decluttering your loft over the long Easter weekend, but need to make some home improvements so you can actually find what is up there then, call us on 07712 327889 to talk about fitting a fixed loft ladder and boarding.

Our challenge to Warwickshire homeowners: control the clutter by boarding your loft

It’s not quite time for spring cleaning, but during this winter lockdown space is at a premium in our homes. Our houses have become multi-functional spaces. Bedrooms are offices and the kitchen is a classroom. When the living areas are cluttered and everyone is at home vying for a spot to work or follow a hobby, home might not feel like a haven.

Boarding the loft can offer a way to take control again. You could gain an extra 50% of floor space to use as storage. Make good use of that storage and it could transform your home.

We all think that we should have a good clear out, but it’s not always possible, whether for sentimental or practical reasons – there are some items that we use infrequently, but want to be able to lay our hands on quickly should the need arise. Proper storage is the alternative to either looking at items every day or getting rid of them completely.

Truss shelving for loft storage

Recently, we have been creating a lot of truss shelving during loft boarding jobs. A raised board that sits in the V of the trusses, the shelf creates a handy storage area. This allows our customers to keep boxes neatly at the sides, leaving plenty of floor room to access them. No more having to pick a path around a pile of precariously stacked boxes. It’s these details that make the difference between using storage effectively and not being able to find what you need, when you need it.

So control the clutter and take back your home.

Loft Boarding in Warwickshire and Worcestershire – why minimalism isn’t the only option for a calmer home

Minimalism is all the rage. From celebrity decluttering shows to You Tube channels dedicated to taking control of our homes, it’s easy to feel that we need to live with clear, polished surfaces and no attachment to material objects. 

We get the feeling that the people making some of this content don’t have to deal with the issues many of our customers do, like several generations living under one roof, or partners with hobbies that require mounds of equipment. Not everybody wants to get rid of photos and books that represent different stages of their lives. 

Improving your loft might be the simplest solution

We offer the simplest solution and our customers love us for it. Tidy your stuff into boxes and put it in the loft. No drama, no big decisions. If you decide you need the snow shoes or limited edition picture disk or want to rifle through your photos to find that one shot of you ten years ago for social media then you can go up to the loft and retrieve them.

Loft boarding makes retrieving items easy

The secret is making retrieving those items as easy as possible.  You don’t want to be hunting in the shed for a step ladder and then balancing on the joists whilst going though the boxes. You need to be able to pull down the ladder in one easy motion and organise and find items on stable and secure boarding. 

So next time you read about creating the perfect calm home, why not look up and think about all that space above your head and then call in the experts. Maybe you don’t need a total clear out, you might just need to think about how you store the things you own.

Looking for loft ladders and loft boarding in the Midlands – Get ready with a September Sort Out

For many of us, whether we have children in school or not, September always feels like a fresh start. The summer is over and it’s time to address those issues and jobs that have waited until it is business as usual. Although in 2020 nothing is “as usual,” students returning to school and workers back to the office, still provide a taste of normality and the chance to look ahead. 

September Sort Out is doing its annual rounds of promotion on social media and online – you can easily find a calendar to help you tackle the contents of your entire house in just 15 minutes a day over the course of the month. Having a “good sort out” is one of the most quoted reasons from our customers for boarding the loft and or fitting a fixed ladder. Nobody wants to board the loft to fill it immediately with junk they have been hoarding elsewhere. Usually they intend to store clearly labelled boxes with contents that have already with sorted and organised. We all start with good intentions!

Decluttering Top tips for loft storage

If you are having a September Sort Out. Here are our top tips:

  1. Tackle a small area first. Even if you want to declutter the whole house, starting with one bookcase or problem area is less daunting. You can do the rest in time. You don’t have to stick to a schedule, but breaking the task down into manageable chunks makes sense.
  2. Before you start, gather together five boxes or bags and label them: items to throw away, recycling, charity shop, for sale, and a final one for storage.
  3. Ask yourself, “When did I last use this item?” If it was more than a year ago, then think, “Why am I keeping it?” If it is for sentimental reasons then maybe you could display the item somewhere to enjoy it, rather than gathering dust in a pile. If it is an item that you may need in the future, but don’t use regularly, then it is probably perfect to store in the loft.
  4. Think about how you store items. A box with a lid will keep the items in good condition so that you don’t feel like you are just dumping them out of sight to gather mildew. For clothes, think about vacuum packing to keep them moth and dust free. Items sorted and grouped and even labelled will save time in the future – we all know this, but sometimes can’t be bothered or just want to get on with the job. Gathering the right storage boxes or bags in advance, together with labels and marker pens, means that it is much more likely to happen.
  5. Think about your loft access. If you don’t have a fixed ladder, then adding one can make an enormous difference to how easily and safely you can retrieve items. If you are balancing between ceiling joists when you go up to your loft, then it is definitely time to think about getting it boarded.