Live in Warwickshire or Worcestershire? What to expect when we board your loft

Ever thought about boarding your loft, but thought it would be too much hassle? All that dust and disruption, you may have thought. Tradespeople walking mess through the house as the job drags on. If that was your mental image then read on to see that the reality is very different – hardly any disruption or mess and the whole job is normally done in less than a day!

Keeping customers safe during Covid

Now more than ever, you may be nervous about having people in your home. We want to reassure customers that we are following guidelines to keep you as safe as possible. That means wearing masks when we are not in the loft space, hand sanitising before we come into your home and taking away any waste materials and wiping surfaces when we leave. We also recommend opening windows on the floor with the loft access. We are always respectful that it is your home and you need to feel comfortable.

Will you need to see the loft before the job?

Ideally, yes. The price we give you is the price you will pay. As every loft is different we arrange a brief visit before we quote to make sure that it is accurate. This also means that we can make suggestions to help you make the most of the loft space. Perhaps you assumed a wooden ladder would be best, but there is not sufficient space. We can recommend telescopic loft ladders that are strong and easy to use. Or you might find the loft access point tricky, but not have realised that is is a relatively simple job for us to move it altogether.

When will you be able to start the job?

We are a small, family-run business and so we can be flexible around your needs. Generally speaking, we can book most jobs in within a few weeks on a day to suit your schedule.

How long will the job take?

Of course, every job is unique, but we have been doing this for a decade and find that 95% of the jobs we do can be completed within the day. Normally we are done by afternoon leaving you free to start storing items in your newly accessible loft space. There is always the exception and, if you have a very large loft area to board, then we may have to come back the next morning – it will be the next morning as we only do one job at a time.

How much mess will there be?

If we are boarding the loft then nearly all of the work is done in that space, including cutting the boards so that there is little disruption to your living space. If we are fitting a ladder, then we will work around the loft access but this creates no mess. If we are enlarging or moving the loft hatch then there is a little more involved, but we always put down dust sheets that protect your floors. Rest assured we see cleaning up as part of the job. Once recent customer commented that her husband didn’t even notice that we had been there until she pointed out that the loft hatch had changed. But then if we are fitting a new loft hatch, we even paint around it so that it looks as if it was always there!