Loft Boarding in Warwickshire and Worcestershire – why minimalism isn’t the only option for a calmer home

Minimalism is all the rage. From celebrity decluttering shows to You Tube channels dedicated to taking control of our homes, it’s easy to feel that we need to live with clear, polished surfaces and no attachment to material objects. 

We get the feeling that the people making some of this content don’t have to deal with the issues many of our customers do, like several generations living under one roof, or partners with hobbies that require mounds of equipment. Not everybody wants to get rid of photos and books that represent different stages of their lives. 

Improving your loft might be the simplest solution

We offer the simplest solution and our customers love us for it. Tidy your stuff into boxes and put it in the loft. No drama, no big decisions. If you decide you need the snow shoes or limited edition picture disk or want to rifle through your photos to find that one shot of you ten years ago for social media then you can go up to the loft and retrieve them.

Loft boarding makes retrieving items easy

The secret is making retrieving those items as easy as possible.  You don’t want to be hunting in the shed for a step ladder and then balancing on the joists whilst going though the boxes. You need to be able to pull down the ladder in one easy motion and organise and find items on stable and secure boarding. 

So next time you read about creating the perfect calm home, why not look up and think about all that space above your head and then call in the experts. Maybe you don’t need a total clear out, you might just need to think about how you store the things you own.