New build owners in Redditch increase space with loft boarding

New houses are getting smaller. That is according to research from LABC Warranty, the body that provides warranties for new build homes. The research reveals that houses built in 2010 onwards are an average of 4m2 smaller than those built a decade before. The average living room is now 1.6m2 smaller too and bedroom size is also shrinking.

Stu’s Loft Ladders has been pretty busy since lockdown eased and what we are noticing is that a large proportion of our work is in new build properties. Surely if you have bought a new build you have everything you need with built-in storage? Apparently not. The size of properties means that a couple of years into ownership people who love their homes are hankering after more space and looking upwards.

New build loft boarding and ladder fitting in Redditch 

This week we improved loft storage in two relatively new properties in Worcestershire: one in Webheath, Redditch and one in Feckenham, a village just outside the town.

You can see from the pictures the difference that boarding makes. In the house below it was previously impossible to store things in a clean and tidy manner. With the loft boarded, suddenly the owners were able to free up space in their living areas and bedrooms.  Not bad for a day’s work.

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