Our challenge to Warwickshire homeowners: control the clutter by boarding your loft

It’s not quite time for spring cleaning, but during this winter lockdown space is at a premium in our homes. Our houses have become multi-functional spaces. Bedrooms are offices and the kitchen is a classroom. When the living areas are cluttered and everyone is at home vying for a spot to work or follow a hobby, home might not feel like a haven.

Boarding the loft can offer a way to take control again. You could gain an extra 50% of floor space to use as storage. Make good use of that storage and it could transform your home.

We all think that we should have a good clear out, but it’s not always possible, whether for sentimental or practical reasons – there are some items that we use infrequently, but want to be able to lay our hands on quickly should the need arise. Proper storage is the alternative to either looking at items every day or getting rid of them completely.

Truss shelving for loft storage

Recently, we have been creating a lot of truss shelving during loft boarding jobs. A raised board that sits in the V of the trusses, the shelf creates a handy storage area. This allows our customers to keep boxes neatly at the sides, leaving plenty of floor room to access them. No more having to pick a path around a pile of precariously stacked boxes. It’s these details that make the difference between using storage effectively and not being able to find what you need, when you need it.

So control the clutter and take back your home.